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Monday, October 13, 2008

Passing It On

Family traditions are important to me. Different types - not just family gatherings. It's those little things that family members give/lend you or the habits you learn from them, you know. Those things are big.

My mom passed on to me the bassinette that I slept in when I was a baby. I used it with Camden when he was born, though he barely got to use it because he was just so big! But he napped in it some. Aiden has been using it at night since he came home. Sadly, he is getting too long and spent his last night in it recently. Last night was his first night sleeping in another bed. He's not in his crib at night yet. He's in the playard bassinette so that he can stay in our room at night.

Notice the pink sheet and yellow bumper - those are originals from when I slept in this bassinette! :) My mom did make a firmer mattress with a waterproof cover to fit in the bassinette when Camden was born, since she used a pillow with me (and we don't do that these days!), and she also made some handle covers to match the yellow bumper. She said she had more sheets, including some non-pink ones, but we never found them. So both my boys have slept with the pink one. :) It has meant so much to me to be able to use this!!

Here is a picture of Camden in the bassinette, too.

Another thing that has been passed on is a song. My mom says that she learned it from her grandmother, and it's one that I sang with Camden and now sing with Aiden. When he was born, you could hear any of us singing it or humming it whenever we held him - me, my mom, or even Ryan. The song is simple - you sing "Bye-O-Baby, Baby, Baby" to the tune of the "Rock of Ages" hymn. Camden even sings it now when Aiden is fussy, but he made his own version, simply singing Aiden's name over and over. It's very cute. One day we were talking with my mom on the webcam. Aiden got a little fussy, and she started singing this song, and he immediately quieted. He probably recognized both her voice and the song.

Maybe one day these boys will be singing this song to calm their own children...

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