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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Saturday Pictures

Saturday Camden had a soccer game - their first of the season that they actually didn't win. (It was a tie.) We got a couple good shots of Camden playing and shots of Aiden in Daddy's arms during the game.

Side note... Aiden is definitely a momma's boy - mostly because I have the one thing he wants the most and that comforts him the most (momma's milk). He hardly lets Ryan hold him when he is tired, cranky, or upset for whatever reason. But today, he actually let him hold him and fell asleep in his arms. First, he spit up all over me under the nursing cover.......on the bra, the inside of my shirt, on my pants, everywhere. Only a tiny bit got on him, of course. This boy doesn't spit up much, but when he does - it's BIG. It's usually from eating for comfort (when his belly is already full) or because he coughed and got choked up. This time he was nursing for comfort, I suppose. Anyway, here are some great shots we got that afternoon... Hope you enjoy!

Before the (apparently comfort) nursing

In Daddy's arms

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Samara said...

Camden is just so photogenic! He is going to break so many hearts!