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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Saturday was a big day for us!! After the soccer game, we went to Chapel Hill to visit some friends and their new baby boy, born exactly six weeks after Aiden. What a cutie he was!!

A (very blurry) picture of Kate with Baby Brent and me with Aiden (and Camden in the background there!)

After that, OUR visitors arrived - my mom and grandmother. We have two Mammaws in our home this week. :) It's been great having them here and spending the time together. We've done some shopping, cooking, and lots of other things.

I'm also learning how to cook (and eat! Haha!) some veggies that I haven't had in a long time or just never liked but have determined to like now. So both Mammaws are teaching me how to pickle beets (because I haven't had them in years like I like them - and now I know how to make them!), different ways to cook zucchini (because I always hated the stuff but I know it's good for you) and sweet potatoes (because Ryan and I decided recently we have got to learn to like them) and winter squashes, among other things... I joked to my mom - Why didn't you teach me this stuff when I lived at home??? Ha. She always had this kind of food - I just didn't like any of it or didn't pay attention! I guess I've grown up, huh?

Here are some pics from the visit so far...

Mammaw Gerry, Mammaw Melly w/ Aiden, and Mommy

Walking home after getting Camden from school

Aiden with his cool shades on the walk home (had to wait until he was asleep to get them on, and he still moved his head around to shake them off!!)

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Samara said...

That is the cutest picture I've seen on Aiden so far!