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Friday, August 14, 2009

First (FULL) Haircut

We took Aiden for his first full haircut today. He's already kind of had a haircut - Mammaw recently cut the hair on the sides of his head. He was able to get by with that for a while.

But he was in desperate need of a FULL haircut this time. I could deny it no longer. A friend recommended Snip-its, so we went for the cut today, since Ryan had the day off (forced day off b/c the office is moving to a new and closer building!) and our weekend is already too busy to fit this in. We were worried that Aiden would move around too much - b/c that's what he does. But he ended up doing so well! He sat on Daddy's lap and played with a little toy that the stylist shared with him. He never fussed or tried to move out of the way while she cut. Well, once or twice he leaned a bit and gave her a funny look, like "what exactly are you doing to my head.....," but that was the extent of it. It was a really great experience. Aiden didn't cry. And I didn't even cry! At the end of the visit, he got a treat, too. He doesn't get that yet, but I'm sure by the next time, he'll figure it out! They also have tvs for little ones to watch here, but ours was never even turned on. I'm actually glad for that b/c I think it can be a little much, and why do it if it's not necessary. Now, if he was a bit older and really fighting it, I might feel a bit different, but for now - it was not needed, and I'm glad the stylist didn't even go there. She was great with Aiden, too. Things went much better than we expected, to be honest!

Sitting on Daddy's lap - getting squirted before the cut!
I love his expression here!!

What's going on here, lady??
This was about the most fight he made. Very well behaved!

See...he's even smiling and sitting still while she cuts away! How great is that?!

Looking more like a little man now...
Made me rethink this haircutting business a bit!

Ending things with a mohawk!

Getting his treat from the machine - Aiden got a little fish that you squeeze.

Ok, the mohawk was just temporary.
I totally would have let him leave with the mohawk, though!
(This was supposed to be a picture of us with the Snip-its guy - this is what I get when I ask Ryan to take a picture of us with something... An example of why I take most of the pics and why I am not in many of them.)

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