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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rough Week

Last week. Was rough. Hoping for a bit better this week. So far it seems to be better...

It's those stinking baby molars! You know, when Aiden got his first two teeth in and they were soooo easy and didn't cause any problems other than the massive amount of drool, I knew not to say "he's an easy teether" when people asked how he did with them. I knew it could get worse. We've had some trouble with some of the other teeth, but nothing major. Mostly Aiden might get a little clingy (but still play well for the most part) and he has a rough time going to sleep. But the molars...oh those are a different story. Kind of.

He still doesn't really get fussy when awake, though he was a bit clingy with me some last week. Not enough to call him "fussy," though. But sleep...what's that?? Night one...we got NO sleep. I mean, none. Ok, maybe 10-15 minutes here and there a couple times, but we were up for hour-long (sometimes two or more) stretches at a time. At one point, I was on my back and he was lying across my belly, with his legs dangling off one side and his head dangling off the other...and he FELL ASLEEP! No way was I going to chance waking him up by moving him. We'd been up for more than two hours at that point. He slept a solid 15-20 minutes! Not sure why that position worked, but...I'll take it. During all of this, Aiden wasn't playing or even crying a lot; he was TRYING to go to sleep. You could tell he wanted to be sleeping. I felt so badly for him. He just tossed and turned. And nursed ALL NIGHT LONG. Sometimes he fussed because there was no more milk (maybe because he had been nursing for almost two hours straight?).

Night two...we got about two hours of sleep. Night three...maybe up to 4 or 5 total.

Now before you ask if I tried this or that - YES! We did. We tried teething tablets, his teething oil (we don't do orajel - we use this other stuff that is the same thing but has natural ingredients...and yes, it does work), motrin. We pulled out all the tricks we knew. Naps weren't much better. He usually will sleep about an hour and a half. This week, naps were no longer than an hour, and that was with him waking up between 3-5 times!

Yes, it was a rough week. By day three, the sleep deprivation was getting to both of us. We were both quite cranky and clearly exhausted. I felt like crap, and I'm sure he did, as well. Funny thing is, he's back to his normal sleep schedule by now - but the teeth have still not come through!! We actually went through some tough teething days with these same molars more than a month ago (though not this bad!). They are taking their sweet time. His gums are so swollen right now, and forget trying to touch them to see if anything is poking through. I just hope they do come through soon - for his sake and a little bit for mine, too.

The next two nights...teeth were ok, but for some reason Aiden had really bad gas that kept him up. This hasn't happened in the longest time. Could it be related to the teething somehow?? (I'm serious!) He also got a really bad diaper rash - and that never happens! Bad enough that we put him in flushies so we could use the really good stuff on his bum (can't use ointments with cloth) - and I trapped him in the kitchen/dining area so he could run around with no diaper for an hour or so a few times to help clear it all up. I can't help but think all of this has to be teething-related because it's not like him.

Another funny thing...CAMDEN is also getting molars in! Actually, he says they are already in. And they hurt. But he barely complains; just mentioned it as a fact. They're his twelve-year molars - a little early.

Ok - just an update on what a terrible week some of us had last week. Feel free to sympathize with both boys (and me, if you want....). :) At least we're doing better now! I just hope we don't go through a similar routine when the baby molars finally do cut through... How long do they really have to take! You can tell they are very close with how swollen and soft his gums are (when I can force my finger in there to feel).

Anyone want to share your experiences, so we can all feel sorry for one another?


Amy said...

Friend, we are teething too, but those two middle top teeth. Micah wakes up screaming and can't go to sleep - I feel so bad for him! What is this teething oil you talk about? And I think gas probably is related to teething if it's new - after all, their drool changes consistency, so it makes sense it can upset his stomach.

Poor mama and baby! This too shall pass...

Becky said...

Oh man I am so so with you! Colin spiked a fever and had diahrea for four days when the first molar popped through. It was terrible. I actaully slept in Colin's crib with him for a few hours one night because taking him into our room generally makes him think it is play time. We have had more than one night where no one sleeps because Colin can't sleep. Generally I take an hour, then Sean takes and hour and back and forth until someone can lay him down. I agree that the tummy issues are related to the teething. Sometimes I worry it is the motrin but since I don't give it to him when he isn't teething I can't test that theory. YOu have to tell me more about this teething oil. I finally gave in and tried orajel because everyone kept saying it worked better than motrin but I don't like it and it doesn't help if I don't know which tooth it is!! There is a chance Colin is pushing a moral and a canine right now, he certainly isn't happy about it. Thankfully he slept from 12-5 last night then again from 5-8! It was heavenly.

Becky said...

Oh and something I noticed with the first one... the pain didn't go away when the tooth popped through like it has with the other teeth. I actually thought another one was coming the way he suffered even after I could see the tooth (and what might giant teeth they are!!) but nothing showed up. Now about a month later we are working on the 2nd molar.

Becky said...

To clarify the fever was only for four hours, the diarrhea was for four days.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Amy - I posted about the oil recently. You've probably seen it by now. :) Poor Micah and his teething, too. Hope they come through soon!!

Becky - I haven't noticed problems with gas (or other tummy issues) from the Motrin any other time we've given it to him. He's had it before his shots, so we have non-teething times to compare it. They do say Motrin can upset your tummy if you use it a lot, but I doubt you've used it enough for that. And you know - I have been tempted to climb into his crib once or twice but wondered if it would hold me. Haha! Then there's the whole climbing in and out... ;) But you're also super-tiny! It sounds like you guys have had some rough times with those molars...doesn't give me much hope! :( And to think - there are four of these babies!! Well, and all the others later, but you know.

At least we can all sympathize with one another, since we're ALL going through it!