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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship with Babies R Us

We've gotten so many things from Babies R Us - it's THE baby place, right? Right. But lately I have found myself not liking the place so much. And then liking them again. Back and forth. But more of the not liking, I think...

The last couple things we have ordered have been on promotion for free shipping, and then we had a coupon code for a discount off. One would think, hey, great! Free shipping and a discount. But if you pay close attention, once you put that coupon code in....your free shipping goes bye-bye. And if you call and ask about it, you're told that they only honor one discount at a time. So, why put the promotion on there for free shipping and then send out coupons for the same item?? How on earth does that make sense?! This has happened a couple times lately, and we have called each time.

And each time...our shipment arrived damaged! The first time, with Aiden's new car seat, it was due to shipping, I am certain. I call to report it, BRU ships out a new one and gives us the same discount, an extra 10% off, and free shipping. We have to deal with returning the first item (at their cost, of course), which is annoying. But hey - we get extra discounts, so it's not so bad. Then we order a new jogging stroller (yes, another stroller). This time the damage is not BRU's fault. The cover on the handle bar is torn in two places - and once that stuff tears, it just keeps going. With the amount we paid for that baby, we had BETTER get one in perfect shape. So....same deal - we get the same discount, an extra 10% off, and free shipping (expedited shipping this time) on the new stroller, and we send back the first one. This time the exchange was a little more annoying because it took an hour (yes, an hour!) to put the stroller together. I didn't notice the tears until I was completely finished because I left the plastic on that part since I had to have the thing upside down for a lot of the putting-together. This meant, we had to take it apart and then put the new one together. But...we got the extra discount, right?

The thing is, while I'm glad for the great service when we had something WRONG with our items and the good discounts then, what is up with BRU putting out two promotions on items and not honoring them both? Why bother? Or do they expect people to not notice when the free shipping is removed right before payment is requested? You really do have to pay attention to realize this, so I can't help but wonder. Now, perhaps I seem like I am expecting a lot here. I am, after all, getting some sort of discount either way. And we do end up buying the item regardless of the rip-off (because with these items in particular, we have not found them at better prices elsewhere, they weren't carried elsewhere, or our store happened to be out of the item at the time). So, do I have the right to complain? In my opinion, I most certainly do. They are putting a free shipping promotion out and then sending me coupons or putting those same items on sale. I just think it is wrong to give out both and then take one away once the item is in your cart. I think it reflects rather poorly against their store. Anyone else agree?

It's definitely making me look at other vendors more closely. As in...where else can I buy this item? I may look at the reviews at BRU, but I'm starting to look to other places to purchase many other items.

Just a bit of venting. And a warning to pay attention to your cart before checking out at BRU online.

And here's a cutie in his new stroller... We got this stroller so Daddy could go running early on weekends...and Mommy could sleep in. I might eventually join in, but for now, my priority is sleep!

Aiden is checking out the super-large window in the super-large canopy. This stroller really is great. It had the best reviews we could find and all the features we wanted, with some nice bells and whistles, too. Definitely one to look into if you're in the market for a great jogging stroller!


Amy said...

Man yeah. I hate them because I feel like their product is not very high quality. Plus they're like the only BIG baby store. There are other clothing stores, or Target has a baby section, but it's not like BRU.

And yet, like a moth to the flame I am drawn back again and again... baby stuff is just so cute, and I love to check all the stuff out just in case I missed something!

GeorgiaChick said...

I had a similar experience with my son's crib. It arrived damaged and they gave me a 10% discount on the reordered one but they wouldn't honor the 20% off that I originally purchased it at. Frustrating but I still shop at BRU for the sales. I agree with Amy...it is hard to find a comparable store with that kind of selection. :)