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Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Words

Aiden said his first real words today.

First, let me say he has been "talking" in his own way for quite a while. It's a little pet peeve of mine to hear other people say their little baby (5, 6, 9 month or however old) "talked" when they said "mama" or "dada" but they were really just making the sounds and didn't understand the meaning behind it. Yeah, I'm sure some babies get it really young, but I seriously doubt most 6-month-olds know what they're "saying" when they do that. They're just babbling, people. I know you want them to talk, but...they're not.

I don't count it as being a word Aiden speaks until he knows what he is saying and says it in the correct context. That said....

Today, Camden was talking to his friend (named Ryan) on the phone. He said "goodbye" and hung up. And Aiden said "bye." Ryan (my Ryan) and I look at each other..."did he just say that??" He wouldn't repeat it for us, of course, but would just wave as WE said the word.

Then tonight, we were talking on the webcam to Pop & Lisey (my dad and stepmom). When we were saying our goodbyes, Aiden kept repeating over and over "bye bye bye" and waving at the same time. He clearly knew what he was saying. How exciting!!

He's also been trying to say "more." When he wants more to eat, he'll sign more and make the sound "meh." Of course, when we try to get him to repeat it and ask, "more?" - he just keeps signing. And gets frustrated because we're not giving him more, of course! I guess in a way we could have counted "more" as his first word because he did it before today - and it's a harder word to get ALL of it correct. But we'll with "bye" because he said the whole word correctly for all of us to hear. :)


Becky said...

I agree with the mama and dada thing. I don't even think those should count as first words. Colin's first "word" was "all done" or 'ah dah' although if he didn't sign it as well we might have missed it. His first word without a sign associated was 'hot'. All of these occurred after he was 10 months old.
Speaking of signs, have you purchased any signing time videos yet?

Sharni said...

I am with you on the mama and dada thing. My daughter never had a dad around when she was a baby and that was one of the first SOUNDS she made. She didnt even know what a dada was.

When my sons said dada, the first time around, I let their dad think it was saying dada. Hard to kill that look of wonder on his face. He figured out by the second baby boy though :)

Bradens first word and still favourite word is Ball. His favourite toy too :)

LeafGurl said...

hey!!! congrats on your g-Flapper win! Horray for G's!

Daisy and Ryan said...

so...i guess we could have counted "more" as a first word b/c he's been trying to say that for a while now, even though he can't get the "r" part. like that would be easy for him, right? ha.

becky - we are getting some of the videos. :) we're going on and doing some of the baby ones to start with, and if we keep it up, we'll look into the other ones, too. actually, ryan's dad and stepmom are getting some for aiden for his birthday, and we're waiting on those before we buy any others. (i'm not sure if they've ordered them yet or not and don't want to be rude and ask...but i'm getting anxious to try them out!!)

sharni - camden's first word was "uh-oh"...but he meant "ball." when he would roll the ball away from him, we would say "uh-oh!"...so he started to call the ball "uh-oh." hahaha! we soon corrected it once we realized that's what he was picking up. we also used to tell him he was a "goofball" and we would point to his nose when saying it. then we realized he thought his nose was called "goofball." ha! we also soon corrected that... but it was quite funny!

leafgurl - thanks! i'll be having a gflapper giveaway in a couple weeks, so check back if you want to be entered for one! :) thanks for checking out my blog!