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Monday, August 17, 2009

What about FREE gflappers?

If you recall, I have mentioned gflappers in most of my posts about gdiapers. These are the cloth inserts we use with our gdiapers and bumgenius diapers. They are WONDERFUL. I'm not even tempted to consider trying any other kind of inserts because we are so happy with these.

Yesterday I posted last minute about how to win some gdiapers, but today I can tell you a week in advance how to enter to win FIVE free gflappers made from all bamboo (my favorite!). Just go here. :) If you don't want the gflappers for yourself, feel free to enter and give them to me if you win. I won't mind.

PS - I will also soon be doing a giveaway for gflappers, so stay tuned! (This means you could possibly win them twice....)


Jessy said...

I just found your blog and am delighted to find a fellow local parent in support of cloth diapering and the dr sears vaccination schedule. I am a new mom and my pediatrician is not very supportive of the alternative schedule. Can you tell me where you take Aiden? Were they supportive of your decision? Thank you! - Jessy

chelsea said...

You won one of the g-flappers, chica! If you could check this post and e-mail me with your name & address, we can get your g-flapper on its way! Thanks for entering!


Daisy and Ryan said...

Jessy - Can you email me? I don't feel comfortable posting that info on here publicly, but I'm happy to share with you. :) My email is daisyryan.adkins@gmail.com Thanks!!