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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No more gardening today!!

I was outside during Aiden's nap trying to neaten up this area in the back - since we've focused mainly on the front flower beds so far. After a few minutes, I look up to see this spider less than a foot from my hands... I said a few choice words and got my rear back inside rather quickly (well, and came back out to snap some pics and then got back inside - thank goodness for zoom lenses!). This thing is at least three inches or more across, including the legs, of course. HUGE, even by North Carolina standards. For someone who is TERRIFIED of the tiniest spider (that would be me!!), this was beyond frightening.

Anyone know what this thing is? Poisonous?? I'm rather grateful our neighbor is an exterminator - we'll see if he knows what it is! Either way, I'm not sure I'll be back out there anytime soon. Maybe the back yard flower beds can just become overgrown....

A little closer (zooming - not me moving closer!)

That spider next to the big one is a normal sized spider, not a teeny-tiny one.

Keep in mind those little white flowers really are little. This sucker was huge.
Tell me that's not scary.

Go on - try!
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Becky said...

Doesn't look venomous to me.(technically...things that make you sick when they bite you are venomous, things that make you sick when you bite them are poisonous) I'm not a spider expert but Google tells me it is a black and yellow garden spider and it is harmless if not incredibly creepy.
I don't have a spider thing but I can tell you a snake would have me headed inside and there would be ZERO chance of photographs.

Daisy and Ryan said...

I didn't know that about the venomous/poisonous difference. Learned something new! Someone else thinks it's a garden spider, too. Nice to hear, but I'm still scared of it! And you bet if I saw a snake I would not dare go back out for pictures! I knew the spider wouldn't move *that* quickly as long as I didn't touch it or the web.

*shudders*...just thinking about it moving. blech...