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Sunday, January 4, 2009


As I mentioned in the Christmas post, Aiden got his first tooth!! It popped through last Monday, 12-29-08. It's pretty early, I suppose - coming in when he is just 4 1/2 months. He started teething just before he turned three months. And the next tooth is soon to follow. It really is just on the verge of popping through.

With the first one, Aiden was the most pleasant teether!! The "worst" part (if you can call it that!) of it was all the drool and trying to keep his "drool rash" from getting out of hand. And the constant chewing on things. He would get frustrated from time to time when something wouldn't go in his mouth the exact way he wanted. BUT - that's really been the worst of it. We wouldn't have known it was even through if I hadn't been constantly checking it with my own finger! He's been having fun chewing on his own finger now that the tooth is through. I'm sure he is wondering what that new feeling is all about!!

Here are the first pictures of the first tooth. Let me tell you - this was a hard picture to get!! And even though Ryan tried to remind me that we don't have to get EVERY milestone on camera (to which I reminded him that I did so - and I am pretty sure the grandparents would agree and appreciate it!), we did end up getting it, and we managed to without making Aiden upset in the process. :) So, here it is:

Letting Mommy get a picture of that new tooth!

Zoomed in - that little line (his bottom, front, right) is the tooth. Can you see it? You may be able to tell that the one next to it is very, very close!

Now this next one... He hasn't been fussy. But he has been a little out of sorts, though it could have nothing to do with the tooth. Some meals he doesn't eat as much as normal, the other day he took longer to fall asleep for his naps. But he often gets distracted when nursing and stops early. And he wasn't fussy at those nap times - he was realizing he could roll around in his crib, talk to himself, and play instead of falling asleep. So - who knows. He's been a bit quieter the past couple days, so that could be part of it or not. Either way - this is far from being fussy. He really is just an easy baby for the most part. We have nothing to complain about! Even when he has nights where he wakes up every two hours to nurse - or like last night, where he woke up for an hour and a half in the middle of the night and thought it was playtime... That's still nothing to complain about, as good as he is! So, we won't.

Hopefully the rest of the teeth will come in so easily. (I'm doubtful that the molars would...) Either way, we do not take for granted how easy this first one has been! I've been through another child teething and worked with MANY teething babies (MANY!!). I know what it can be like... So, I'm remembering not to take this for granted! ;)

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