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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our sick household...

So, this past week has been quite a week. All of our plans had to change when just about everybody got sick... First, Aiden was going to get shots on Wed, but instead, he got a cold (which means no shots until next week) and Camden ended up taking the dr appt in his place. Camden complained Tuesday of pain in his ear from time to time, along with fuzzy hearing. And he said there was a strange feeling that afternoon before it started hurting, along with a feeling of "bubbles." Ear infection immediately came to mind. So, to the dr we went.

Turns out, he HAD an ear infection. What happened on Tuesday was a rupture, so there is blood and pus in the ear. If the one round of antibiotics doesn't clear it up, the dr is sending us to an ENT for other measures. The strange thing is, he never had any pain or any other symptoms up until the rupture. I didn't know that was possible. But apparently it's rather serious, and the dr was really surprised when she looked in his ear (I was, too!!!). The pain is a little better now, but he says his hearing still isn't up to par. So, we'll see when we go back next week. (Where we will also get Aiden's shots at the same time.)

Then Aiden... he had a couple sneezes Tuesday, but that night, it kicked into full gear. He was so congested that a raised mattress wasn't helping, and I ended up sleeping in his glider, reclined, with him leaning back up against me - just so he could breathe. About 3am, we moved to the couch so I could stretch my legs out more. He slept much better - me, not so much. But it helped. He's been better with congestion but coughing more. And last night, the coughing was so bad, that about 1am, I got up and to the couch we went. Again, he slept much better. I hardly slept at all. Doesn't help that now MY throat is sore... Oh, the joys of a sick household. And being a parent that can't just "take off." That's life, huh?

Kind of like I told Ryan... When he complained after hearing Aiden fuss when I tried to suction out his nose. "Welcome to parenting. Where you do what needs to be done even if the child (or in some cases, the parent!) doesn't like it." Normally, Aiden is fine with the suction thingy. Now, after this last cold, he sees it and immediately gets angry with me and starts flailing his hands to block it and shakes his head. We just ordered a different one that promises to clean out the nose better without all the problems. We'll see how it works! (Of course, it won't be here until after he's well, most likely, but maybe next time... I'm HOPING he's still not sick by then, at least. )

Also, Ryan started coughing yesterday. He says he's not sick, though. It's "just a cough." Ha.

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