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Saturday, January 10, 2009

FIVE Months!

Aiden turned five months old this week, on Tuesday. This past month was full of excitement and new experiences for Aiden.

He traveled all around for Christmas and met so many new family members for the first time - and some new friends, as well. We had his baby dedication at church. He found out what fun his activity jumper is and now loves bouncing around in it. He now rolls from his back to his belly on purpose. It's almost like he can't help but roll over as soon as you put him down - and sometimes he even gets frustrated b/c he didn't WANT to roll over and stay that way (and he can't go from belly to back yet). He can "cuddle" with us now - when we pick him up, he'll push his cheek or forehead (or some part of his face) into our faces. It's adorable!! He learned to do the little "Indian call" (where you put your hand to his mouth and pat it and he says "ahhhh" - it's too cute!). He also got his first tooth!! (And the second one showed up two days after he turned five months!) It really does seem that there is never a day where he doesn't learn something new! It is so amazing.

Aiden slowed down his growth between three and four months, but he picked it right back up these last four weeks. He weighs in at 16lbs, 7oz and is 25 1/2 inches long. He grew over an extra pound and an inch this month.

Here are a bunch of pictures. I couldn't just pick one or two, so you get to see extra. :) See all that drool? I took the bib off RIGHT before taking the pictures, and he was drenched from drool within seconds. (We realized not long ago that you really can never have too many bibs... Really.)

What a happy baby boy we have!!!

He is ALWAYS going after those toes!
You can't sit him down without him reaching for them.

Just chillin...

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