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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WHAT a Day!!

Today was a big day all around!

First, we get a new president! Whoo-hoo! We're pretty excited about Obama being the president, about him being the very first African American president, about our boys being able to witness this (and help vote for it - shh!), and well, just all of it. We even had the tv on when Aiden was around so we could watch all the inaugural events (we don't let him watch tv - yes, we're on the "it's bad for babies" side of that argument). Even Aiden seemed to think it was something to be excited about. ;)

Then, we had a SNOW day!! Last night, they were predicting 2-4 inches of snow and called off school "due to pending inclement weather." We laughed it off - b/c the only times it has snowed here, it has been so little...just a dusting. And they called off school then. But this time? We got more than the 4 inches! I was up to feed Aiden at 4:30, and the ground was already well-covered with snow. The kids around here had a blast playing and even "sledding" (most of us used boogie boards!!) on the hill outside our door. It was Aiden's first time seeing snow, as well. He didn't seem to care one way or the other, but we got pictures of him all bundled up out in the snow anyway!

Here are a few pics from the day:

SNOW in North Carolina

THEN, we decided that we would continue our celebration of the new president by giving Aiden his first solid food. That doesn't sound right... Well, we've been watching him, and we could tell he was ready, so we've really just been trying to decide which day to give him the first bite. So we figured, why not today?! It is a pretty great day, after all. I had ground up some rice (organic brown rice, of course) earlier last week, so I cooked up a little rice cereal for him, and he ate a few bites. He didn't seem too excited or upset. He's lukewarm about a lot of things, it seems (such as the snow...). He seemed to like it ok, though.

There are pics of that in this album:

2009 January

Tomorrow is another day off of school "due to anticipated hazardous road conditions." I'm not making fun this time, though. It will be pretty icy, and they aren't prepared for those conditions here. Ryan was off today after they told him to stay at home, but he has to use vacation days for things like this (ugh!), so he's planning on going in tomorrow... Hopefully the roads won't be that bad after all. (Crossing fingers!) And Camden's friend, Hannah, will be spending the day with us, so stay tuned for more pics of them out in the snow!

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