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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Red Velvet Bon Bons

So, I tried a new recipe that I got from my friend Donna, who got it from the Bakerella blog. Red Velvet Bon Bons. They looked adorable (and yummy!)..and easy, too. So I gave them a try and included them in my Christmas goodies that I gave to our friends in our apartment building.Turns out they are very, very simple. And very, very yummy.

You know what else they are?? Tedious. Especially with a baby around. Lots of little steps that take time to do. It took me part of two days to complete the one batch. When I finished them, Ryan and I both agreed - this might not be worth the time it took...

But then he took some to work, and everyone there seemed to love them. One coworker said to quit whining and he expected more soon (we'll see if he gets them next time!). Then some of the ladies in the building said how wonderful they thought they were. And we liked them, too.

I think if I got the small ice cream scoop to make the balls and use a food processor to crumble the cake (which I am getting very soon!!), that will cut down on the time. I rolled the balls by hand, and I actually made them smaller than Bakerella did, so I had many more to do. Next time, I want to try German Chocolate Bon Bons.... That just sounds too yummy to me. Maybe even worth all the tediousness.

Here are pictures of the process....

After baking the cake, it is crumbled into tiny bits

Add in the cream cheese icing

And roll into balls

It's kind of hard to coat in the bark AND take pictures at the same time, so no pics of that. I gave all but a few out before remembering I needed the "after" pictures! Here is the final result with those few left over...

Mmmmmm...yummy, isn't it? ;)

I tried them for you. They ARE yummy.

If you want the recipe, here it is!

And Donna has a recipe for homemade cream cheese icing if you want. I went the canned route this time for lack of time (the bon bons took long enough as it was!), but I think it would be yummier with some homemade aspects!

I'm not a huge fan of the white bark coating (tastes too fake-candy-ish to me, if that makes sense), so my fave is the regular chocolate bark coating. I think dark chocolate would be even better...b/c I always think dark chocolate would be better. But a few liked the white better, such as Ryan. When I make the German Choc Bon Bons, they will just be made with the chocolate. I'll let you know how those turn out.

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curlygin78 said...

yum-o! I'll have to try those next year for my father-in-law. He just adores red velvet cake... they don't happen to make it sugar-free and diabetic friendly, do they? ;-)

A friend of mine makes Oreo bonbons. Same idea: package of oreos (fillings, too) in food processor, brick of cream cheese, and roll up and dip into chocolate bark. That's just about it.