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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moving to Haiti

No, not us. Some friends of ours are moving there, though - and very soon! The Mangines are a family of five that are moving to Haiti in May to open the second family home at the Haitian Children's Home. We are partnering with them to help raise funds. And you get to help!!

We're having an online "Silpada For Haiti" Party!! All you have to do is check out the online catalog, place your order, receive your fabulous jewelry, and know that a portion of the proceeds are going to this cause. Here are the details...

View the catalog here: http://mysilpada.com/sites/daisy.adkins
Email me with any orders/questions/etc: daisy (dot) adkins (at) gmail (dot) com (replace "dot" with the dot, and "at" with @ - typing this way helps keep spammers away...)

I am giving 15% of each sale to the cause - and 20% of each order that is over $100.

There is a lifetime guarantee on all the jewelry. It is of the highest quality - .925 sterling silver. Items are hand-crafted. And beautiful!!!

Party is going to be open until: February 5
All orders will be submitted that day.

You can also fill out a wish list and email it to me, and I can email it to your sweetie... Valentine's Day is soon!

This offer also applies to orders for gift certificates! Again, think Valentine's...

I accept cash, check, and credit cards. (Cash/check needs to be received in advance.)


Now, here are some details on the Haiti move and what the Mangine family is doing. This is info from the family themselves:

In May of 2009, we are planning a move to the southern coast of Haiti where we will open the second family home at the Haitian Children's Home. Once there, we will open our home and our family to 20 orphaned and abandoned children. We will accept them and care for them and give them the opportunity to grow up in a secure, stable environment with access to opportunities EVERY child should be afforded—food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, and, of course, love.

The Haitian Children's Home is a non-profit, 5019(c)3 organization that basically exists to build Haitian families. The primary way we do this is by raising orphaned and abandoned Haitian children. We currently have 21 children that we are raising and that number will double once Nick and I move here. Children are raised in a Haitian lifestyle-- we hire Haitian nannies, they go to Haitian school, Haitian church, etc. Creole (the colloquial language in Haiti) is spoken exclusively in the home. It is not an adoption orphanage. Our goal is to raise these children until they are ready to be productive members of society-- whatever that means for them.

-We are the only "orphanage" (I use this word lightly because we prefer to call it a family-- since that's what it is) in this region of Haiti (the Sudest) that accepts children over the age of 5.

- We accept children between the ages of 6-12 and they will stay with us until they are ready/old enough to enter society. Most of our kids will not have had any access to education before coming into the home. Therefore, most of them will not finish school (high school) until their mid-20's.

- We also have a scholarship program that helps local street children attend school.

- We have a medical fund that covers medical costs for locals who cannot afford medical care. We also do at least two medical missions each year as an outreach to the community.

- We've done extensive storm relief in 07&08 during and after active hurricane seasons.

Here are a few sobering facts about Haiti:

-Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
- 80% of people in Haiti live below the poverty line.
- 2/3 of people in Haiti are unemployed.
- The average life expectancy in Haiti is 52-- in the US (less that 700 miles away) it is 77.
- 15% of children in Haiti are orphaned or abandoned.
-10% of children will die before the age of 4.
- 7% of children are slaves.


Now, how can you not want to help with a cause like this?? These are awesome people on an awesome mission. For more info on their story, visit their website: http://www.haitianchildrenshome.org/mangine/

And if you decide not to support them by purchasing Silpada products, there are other ways! Check the website above to discover other ways to support them.

Happy Silpada-ing!!

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