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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

1. I grew up thinking I couldn't wait to grow up and be an adult. Now I often wish I was a child again. Life was so much easier back then...(in some ways)

2. Facebook was the last website I was at before coming here, unless you count Google Reader, which is where my blog subscriptions go - and where I got today's Friday Fill-Ins.

3. Why don't you join facebook (and add me as a friend) if you haven't already? It's the place to be - besides my blog, of course. ;)

4. Watching some Friends helps me relax. Ryan and I watch an episode many nights before going to bed. He's waiting on me to watch some right now. I think he's getting impatient....better hurry!

5. Thanks for the help this past week, Mom and Gene!! Gene installed the fans in our living room and bedrooms, as well as the new chandelier in our dining room. The fans were a mess to do b/c he kept running into problems with the ceiling/wiring/etc. But being an electrician, he knew what to do and was a HUGE help!! He also installed the diaper sprayer (we went a couple days without it b/c of the move - and I now know that thing is worth it's weight in gold!) and fixed a door that was barely out of alignment and will now shut easily. And Mom helped me figure out what plants were growing in our yard under the mess growing on top of it all - and she helped with the landscaping up front. The previous owner had the place professionally landscaped and then clearly never touched the place - it is a MESS, and the front was transformed. We found great plants/bushes under all the crabgrass. Wait till you see the before and after pics!

6. The landscaping in front of our house was very off-putting. Now it looks great. I think our neighbors probably love us already just for that.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a Friends episode with Ryan and then getting to bed before midnight (or one...or three am....) - something that hasn't happened once in the past two weeks, tomorrow my plans include installing Aiden's new car seat and having it checked (where the inspectors will say how wonderfully I have installed it, as usual...b/c I get serious about car seats and all that jazz), working in the yard a bit, cleaning and unpacking some, getting some baby proofing items (so Aiden won't crawl into shelf corners and things like that), and welcoming some friends that are joining us for the week and some that are passing through (we'll have a house FULL tomorrow night) and Sunday, I want to enjoy some time with one of my best girl friends and pack to go on vacation with her and her beautiful boys (and my beautiful boys, too, of course)!

Happy weekend!!


Becky said...

Someone must be very busy! It isn't like you to go 10 days without posting!

Daisy and Ryan said...

yes, very busy! and out of town with no internet connection. i'm about to post right now, though. :)

i have a feeling it's going to get harder to post now that aiden is into EVERYthing. he's pulling up and trying to get into every box, to get anything that is anywhere he can attempt to reach...oh my, it's work chasing him around! i'm ready to be unpacked already! he's certainly showing us where we need to baby proof better! ;)