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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Hungry to Wait!

On Sunday, we took a road trip to meet Camden's dad so Camden could go with him to KY for a couple weeks. We meet about halfway, just as we get into WV. Ryan's mom and David decided they would meet us there, too, so that they could see the boys and have lunch with us. David made a trip out to his garden before they left, and he brought us a bunch of veggies. In one shallow box, there were a bunch of tomatoes, along with other things. When we got home that night, we left the veggies out to put away the next morning. The eight hour drive plus stopping time - plus having a baby that is not wanting to get back in the car seat after the first or second stop... - all of that kind of takes it out of you, so you don't want to do much by the time you get home.

In the morning, the veggies were still there, of course. I'm in the kitchen fixing Aiden some breakfast while he plays at my feet. Ryan had left the shallow box of veggies in the floor. (Can you see where this is going?) I turn around after putting something in the microwave and look down to say something to Aiden. This is what I see...

I guess he was just too hungry to wait for me to fix him some breakfast. He decided a nice juicy tomato would suffice. He was just eating away!

Hmmm...eat another bite or drop it over the edge???

Another bite.
(THEN he attempted to drop it. We're working on this "we can set food back on the tray when we're done with it" thing.)

I just thought this was hilarious!! Had to share!

PS - Don't you just love the messy bedhead hair??
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Amy said...

Oh my gosh he's too cute! And I love his fuzzy head. :)