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Monday, June 1, 2009

House Update

We've been slaving away at the new house, mostly painting on the boys' rooms. They look great! We did some fun stripes in Aiden's room, and Camden opted for a single color in his - which will look great with his current bedding and new bedroom furniture that we'll be getting in the fall. I know some of you warned us how much work all this painting would be, especially the stripes in Aiden's room. It has been a while since I painted anything like this, but it really wasn't bad at all. The painting was easy, actually. The hard part has been trying to do it with a baby around - a baby that does not want to be confined to a play yard or an activity jumper (boy he loves that thing when he wants to play in it - but when we need him in it for a bit b/c we have supplies everywhere...no sir!). And then also having a bored 10-year-old that doesn't really want to help watch his baby brother play in the one open space he can... Anyway, we still managed! And the rooms look great!

We've done some other stuff around the house, too. Ryan mowed the lawn - after dishing out a nice chunk of change for a new lawn mower, weed eater, and all that good stuff. We've bought fans for all the bedrooms and living room, along with a new chandelier for the dining room (because the one that is in there now is just NOT ok). We've taken a lot of kitchen items and boxes of other things to the house already - things that don't need to be on carpeted areas b/c we're having the carpets cleaned later this week (and they're being cleaned by GREEN means!).

Here are some updated pictures... Same album as the other house pics, so just go to the ones you haven't seen!

Our House

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