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Friday, June 26, 2009


This season was Camden's last season with the Stars, since we're moving a couple cities over, and he'll be joining the soccer league in Holly Springs. The Stars had a good season this time around; they usually do fairly well. We've been blessed with good (fair) coaches who focus on learning the game, playing well, and having fun - winning games are a plus but not what it's ALL about. They made it to the finals this time around in the tournament, losing to their arch enemy (can't think of the name of the team now...). This other team is rough, has a rough-acting coach, and they don't always play all that fair (ok, that's a bit of an understatement). It is the team to beat, and we just didn't make it this time around. But making it to the finals was still really great and something to be proud of. It also meant three games in a row - with a little time in between but not enough to go home. Long day. But worth it. (I did overhear a parent from the other team comment that the Stars were a good team, and that these two teams seem to take turns winning against each other. I can think of more times that they beat us, but it was nice to hear a compliment from a parent from the team we don't really like.)

After celebrating with the team at Dunkin' Donuts, our family headed on over to a gelato party in town, where Camden and I discovered our favorite flavor ever, and we've tried quite a few! Henry's Gelato in Cary hosted the U.S.'s first ever HAPPY GELATO party, something that is more common in Europe but is apparently on it's way to the US. The best flavor ever... Well, I thought the "Berries of the Forest" was great and was about to get that (and be able to share with Aiden since it was fruit-based), but then we tried the Classic Swirl - velvet vanilla, bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips...a lot like a banana split. It was heaven!! Oh my... And I did give in and let Aiden have a taste (with no chocolate, of course!). His reaction to the cold taste was funny, but he soon got over that! Pictures of him tasting it is in our June album online.

Back to the soccer part of the post....

If you remember, I mentioned before that I missed the final game in the tournament... Short story - When getting ready to leave that morning for the first game (and possibly for the entire day), we were all doing our part to get out the door on time. I ask Ryan, "Did you check the diaper bag for diapers?" Yep, he told me, there are three in there; we're set! And out the door we went. After game 1, Aiden had a number 2.... I go to change his diaper and guess what I find in the bag? One diaper ready to be worn and one outer gpant (with no insert in it, so we can't use it). No third pant whatsoever. *BIG SIGH* But we might be on our way home after this next game, so...might be no big deal. Right? Except we don't go home then b/c the Stars win. And Aiden is in need of another change very soon - too soon to wait until after the game to make the 25 minute drive home. Ryan can't make the drive while I stay behind b/c Aiden needs the change and can't stay with me, but he'll also need to eat during that time frame. So, you guessed it - I get to drive home to get the diapers. Without breaking any laws, I rush to do diaper duty and a quick nursing session. (Aiden is typically done in 5 minutes when he's nursing to EAT.) I make it back, get out of the car, and we're on our way to the field when I hear....the long whistle blowing, indicating the END of the game. My heart sunk. I missed the entire final game. I never told Ryan how much it really bothered me that I missed that game.

Anyway - I take a bunch of pictures throughout the season. No surprise there! Here are some of the shots of my baby and his team.
Camden Soccer Spring 2009

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