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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Model Baby

Aiden's a celebrity!

(I almost typed "ya'll" at the end of that...but I caught myself. Yikes! I may live in a southern state where many people say that, and I may even be from KY - which some people consider to also be southern....but I am not one of those people that has "ya'll" in my vocab, no offense to those of you that do say it. Thanks but no thanks.) ;)

Click HERE to see what I mean! How awesome is that?!

Sharni, the lady that owns this website, The Nappy Shoppe, is now selling gdiapers from her store. She makes the most wonderful cloth liners for gdiapers - called gflappers. My favorites are the ones made with organic bamboo velour. Oh my, what softness!

And she is now making these blankies out of that organic bamboo velour!! I am dying to get one (or two or...) for Aiden. This material is the softest stuff ever! Plus, it's ecofriendly. And organic.

If anyone is itching to get me, I mean AIDEN, a gift for whatever reason....this would suffice. Maybe a light blue on one side and brown on the other or the light blue and medium blue or light blue with light blue? She's even looking into getting some satin edging to put around the edges... As you can tell, I haven't put much thought into what kind of blankie would be perfect for Aiden. Clearly.

She's almost out of brown, though, so you might want to step on it......you know, if you really wanted to make me, I mean AIDEN, smile. ;)

If those of you with little ones are interested in getting a blankie for YOUR little one - she has pictures of the material, along with some of the blankets she's already made and sold, on facebook on her business page and on her website. She just started doing the blankies to sell, and those babies are selling like hotcakes!! She's already running out of some of the blues and the brown.

She's also selling these really adorable diaper bags on her site. She and another lady are making them. I would also LOVE to get my hands on one of these. (Hint, hint...) For Aiden, you know, and all his stuff we have to lug around. ;)

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badbin said...

That pic is so adorable! You get some great shots... looks like you have a very nice camera, too. You can see the back of my curly-haired baby on Sharni's "fat bum competition" page. :)