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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Pics! Yay!

Last night I discovered that if I suck in my belly as much as I can - my belly still has a little bump sticking out! Not much, but enough for us to notice. :) I was really happy about that!

We went back to the doctor's office today for a little check up. They wanted me to come in to check my fluid levels, etc. I got to meet one of the doctors this time, and she is really great. I loved how she spoke to us, she seemed to have a great personality. I feel really good seeing her already. :)

So, everything checked out ok so far. The doctor seemed satisfied. She came in and said it was good and I was still gaining weight... I corrected her there. They apparently wrote in my prepregnancy weight (130 - yeah, I will say my weight) last week instead of what I weighed in at that time (137 - gained a little weight while eating lots of holiday goodies while on the good meds...). But this week, I was down 133.6, which means I really lost quite a bit of weight in the last week.

The doctor asked if we wanted to hear the heartbeat before we left, which of course we did! She tried to find it with her little wand on my belly but was having difficulty, and when she knew we wouldn't be back for two weeks, she said, "Well, I know you'll worry, so let's go....." I knew what she meant, and I wasn't going to stop her! It was ultrasound time! :) Below are some pics of our little bean! Heartbeat was pumping (we could see it - so fast!) at 170 beats/minute. I could tell what everything was on the screen, too. The picture was so clear. We could see the head, the heart pumping, the legs, an arm sticking up. It's truly amazing.

The first picture shows the baby's heart (in the little square).

This second one - if you know what to look for - shows the head, an arm, the legs, a foot, and the umbilical cord. Now, which of you can actually find all of that?

To see the pictures better (a little clearer and not so messed up from resizing...) - go to our online photo albums: picasaweb.google.com/daisyryan.adkins

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Anonymous said...

fast heartbeat, sounds like a girl!!! Emily Puckett