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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Official EDD

We went to the OB today for our first visit. Lots of blood work and all that good stuff... Our official estimated due date is exactly what I thought it was - Sunday, August 10th. That makes us (well, me) 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. :)

On the way to the dr office, I spoke with my mom, getting some last minute family history details... Apparently my lovely hubby is not the only one with mitral valve prolapse (a heart condition...). I have two, maybe three, family members that also have this condition. Not exactly music to my ears, but good to be aware of, I suppose. Definitely something I am glad I know to bring up to my doctor... I worry enough about Ryan having this; I can't imagine having a child with that issue, too. I know that may not happen, but knowing there is such a history in both families isn't too assuring. But I'll try not to worry about that for now. Another family history aspect that is very important - the big babies run in MY side of the family. (For those of you that don't know - Camden was 10 lbs, 15.2 oz - that's less than an ounce from being 11 lbs.... No wonder he was a c-section baby, huh?!) So....we'll see!

While there, I did get a different prescription for morning sickness meds... The nurse explained that I had better get something else if I would need to be driving because I should NOT be driving while taking the Phenergan, even if I take only half a dose (which does not make me drowsy at all). So a different prescription was written up (Zofran). When I went to the pharmacist, he explained that this medicine is actually more powerful. He also gave me the quick dissolve tablets that work faster. Then I see that it does not cause drowsiness, and I do not have to take it with food. I suddenly begin to question why they didn't prescribe THIS medication to begin with! I mean, I was starving and miserable because I couldn't keep anything down, and they gave me something that I had to take with food (and trust me, you did have to take it with food!!!). Hmmmmm.... Doesn't make sense, but I'll know what to ask for next time around, I suppose. Anyway, I have it now, right? Gotta keep it in perspective...

So overall, it was a good visit. Everyone was really nice. No bad experiences. Even the nurse doing the blood work was really nice and gentle with the needle. And now we have the due date and are preparing to let EVERYONE know about the pregnancy! THAT is the best part! :)

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