Our family is growing in many ways... Growing in numbers, knowledge, parenting skills, growing in love, in our faith, growing our culinary skills (if you can call it that), growing without gluten (some of us), growing green...........

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Went back to church today. Man, I have missed that place! I haven't been since early December before the morning sickness kicked in - either due to the m.s. or from being out of town so much for the holidays. It was so good to be back. And as usual - great music, great message. I love our church! I am so thrilled to be bringing up Camden in this place - and now to be introducing our new baby to what an awesome church can do for one's life. I am so thankful.

Other good news... I have been feeling better over this week. I think this medicine combination is working now that we've given it some time. The only problem now is actually wanting to eat. I typically have no problem with that! I just have no appetite, I'm not really getting hungry, and nothing sounds good (or tastes that great for the most part). Most foods just really turn me off. I have discovered that about the only thing I want to eat is...pancakes. Yeah, that's good for me... (rolling my eyes) So, I've been making some homemade waffles and pancakes. Camden's thrilled because it means once again I am also making one of his favorites - sausage casserole. I have been so turned off by meat lately, but this was actually yummy. And then I have discovered that I cannot get enough of strawberries! I am so happy to be enjoying something that is actually good for me! Of course, I don't know how long I can live off of waffles, sausage casserole, and berries, but we might just have to see. At least some of it is good for me, and it's homemade stuff, too, so I can knock out some of the yucky stuff and make it somewhat wholesome. Either way, this is better than it was a week ago! And that is another reason I am so thankful.

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