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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Baby is Growing!

We went for an ultrasound yesterday. It was actually the first trimester screening, where they look for Downs Syndrome. But we mostly did it for the extra ultrasound, to be honest. It would be nice to be prepared for a child with DS, but we've already discussed what would happen in the case of having a child with any type of disability. We will absolutely love and parent to the best of our abilities ANY child that God decides to give us.

So we got the ultrasound. Wow! It never ceases to amaze, does it? We could see the baby so clearly. And it was moving around, turning some, moving it's little arms. We even got to see it swallowing. :) It is just absolutely incredible. The nurse doing the ultrasound kept commenting on how "good" and "cooperative" the baby was being - being still when she needed to take the pictures for the screening, and staying on it's side most of the time, so we saw the profile. Ryan and I couldn't help but say to each other later that it would be fine if the baby continues to be "good" and "cooperative" after it's born. Haha! :)

Something that is so incredible is how much this little one moves around and I can't even feel it!! Sometimes at night in bed, I think I can feel it a little bit, but then again, I could be feeling other things or just want to feel it so much that I'm imagining things (you other moms know what I mean!). I know it will happen soon enough, though. But it's so crazy to see it move so much and not be able to feel that!

Here are a couple pictures of our little one. There are more posted on our Picasa Albums (link to the side of the blog), along with more belly pictures, too. :)

The first is a profile of the head and belly, second is a little foot!, and the third is a 3D image of the head and a little arm next to the face (the nurse said, "it's being dramatic!"). More pictures on the albums online - we got plenty this time around!

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