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Thursday, January 31, 2008


So we accidentally discovered gDiapers - and are so, so happy we did!

Some of us are actually leery of using disposable diapers. I mean, think about all the chemicals that are used in order to make them so absorbent - and they are right next to baby's bum ALL day and night. And then consider how many years each diaper is stuck in a landfill, going nowhere - about 500 years. And do we know how many diapers go into landfills each year? 18-23 billion disposables go into landfills each year. Each child alone will contribute about 8,000. Crazy, isn't it? Terrible for our babies and for our environment for many reasons.

Then there are cloth diapers, which is another option. (Some of you say, NO WAY!, but some of us would actually attempt that.) But then again, you have environmental issues to consider. Yes, it's better than disposables, but there is still the huge use of water for washing. (We have an energy efficient washer and dryer, but still...) And some use diaper cleaning services which add to environmental issues once you consider the amount of washing they do and the driving to pick up diapers, etc. Some say this option isn't much better than disposable when you're considering the environment, though I still say it is better in some ways. Plus, babies are potty trained sooner with cloth.

But now there are gDiapers. These things are amazing and what we plan on using. They are like a combination of cloth and disposable and are now being called the greenest option for diapering. There are pants that go on the outside, into which a liner is snapped. In that liner you place the flushable. The flushable is so great because you can dispose of it in a number of ways - you can flush it down the toilet, throw it away, or even compost it! It takes only a couple months to decompose into the earth (compared to the 500 years it takes a disposable!!!). Washing the "little g" pants is limited, too, because the liner keeps them dry. And price-wise, gDiapers are comparable to disposables. They can be slightly more expensive if you buy from the website (we're talking pennies here, though, guys!), but some stores (e.g. Whole Foods and diapers.com) sell them cheaper. Oh, and you can also use cloth diapers instead of the flushables if you want - or go back and forth with both.

So, for those of you having babies, considering having babies, having grandchildren, etc.... Please consider gDiapers. They are such a better option for your baby and for the earth. They have definitely won us over. Heck, even Julia Roberts brags about them! Here is the website to learn more about them - gdiapers.com. Plus, they are so adorable! :)

Another note - if you're considering getting us diapers when the baby comes, please either get these or buy some Nature Babycare diapers (what we'll use the first couple weeks until baby fits into the little g's and available at diapers.com and other places). We're trying to avoid disposables as much as possible. If there are better options, why not use them?! :)

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