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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quite a Christmas!

So....long time no blog. We just got back home from a wonderful trip to our other homes in KY and WV. It was so great to be around all of our family, and we got to see so many people that we have missed! Plus, we got to share our wonderful news! :)

But first...about the "morning" sickness.... The day before we left for KY I did manage to get myself over to the pharmacy to pick up some medication the dr called in. It took me a while, and a couple trips to the bathroom, but I got there. I had a ton of questions for the pharmacist, and he was so great about answering all of my questions (very patient even when he kept thinking I was done and would start to walk away. haha!). I was walking out with meds in hand and Camden beside me when I started laughing. On the side of the bottle: "Take with food." Is this a joke!? I am taking this because of my inability to eat, and I am expected to EAT to take this... Hmmmmmm. Doesn't really make sense to me. Somebody's idea of a sick joke in my opinion. Anyway, I managed to get down some crackers and took the medicine, and it knocked me OUT! Good thing was - I was able to eat something once I woke up enough to do so. I was first not so sure about this medicine thing, but now I have bought into it.

So we told the parents with gifts we had wrapped for each one, as I mentioned before. Well, when we get to my mom's house - at midnight - Gene (I should have seen this coming...) asks right away, "So, are you pregnant yet?" What am I supposed to say?! I can't say yes because we have planned how to tell them, and it is more special than this, so I lie. And I don't lie well. I don't like to lie and just feel too guilty when doing it. I'm sure they could tell, especially Gene, but they acted like they bought it. We let them open their gift the next night while the family was all together. Mom even guessed it might be something about being pregnant, but the looks on their faces were still priceless.

Mom & Gene

The good thing about letting them find out this way is that we got pictures of each set of parents discovering we were pregnant. That was so wonderful! Everybody was excited, some were very surprised. All in all, it was a perfect Christmas!

Dad, Lauren, and Lisa

Surprise Sharon!!!
Sharon and David

Susan and Gary

Gary is still reading and realizing what the note says (and he was very excited once he got it!)

Camden was the one that announced the pregnancy to extended family...with his "big brother" t-shirt. At the first gathering, an aunt saw the shirt, as we walk into the crowded room. "Why does his shirt say... What? You're not... Are you....." It was great! The other gathering was a little more difficult. All the Boyers (my father's family) met to eat at Hometown (the BEST pizza place ever), so Camden was sitting, making it harder to see his shirt. He kept trying to make it so people could see, and finally got to speak with one of my aunts. He turn to face her and kept wiggling, hoping to get her to notice. He finally pulls at his shirt, making it fairly obvious. It was hilarious. Everyone starts talking and yelling with excitement. Such a fun moment, really. I will not forget this Christmas, that is certain! I'm already trying to decide how we will ever match this when we have another...

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