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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cheated today...

I got to eat today! Yay!!! Well, I actually cheated... I had some phenergan left over and took that instead of the zofran. We had brunch at the Cheesecake Factory (yum-yum!). Ryan got coffee, and the smell was just amazing to me! Oh how I wanted some! I knew it would irritate my stomach, but I did have a couple sips of his. Mmm-mm-mm. I wanted to bottle up the smell so I could take it with me. (Though it would probably make me feel worse if I wasn't on this medication, to be honest!).

Then we did some maternity clothes shopping. We certainly did some damage, but I got everything except for two items on sale, I do believe! ;) I felt so much better today after taking the other medicine. Wow - it makes such a difference!!! I feel like a completely different person altogether. We are definitely calling the doctor about some new meds on Monday, I'll tell you that.

We also made a quick stop at Babies R Us and started our registry there. Oh, who am I kidding... I started that thing online months ago! But we put some more on there and found the furniture we want for the nursery. It was fun. A little overwhelming because they have so many different types of cribs and changing stations (we want one that can continue to be used after the diapers are gone) and rocking chairs and mattresses... I just wanted a simple selection, but there is no such thing! We did find what we liked fairly quickly, though, and put a few more things on the registry. It was fun doing it together. Even Camden got to help out - he did all the scanning! :)

We told our Life Group (small group of folks from church that meet once a week in our homes) about the pregnancy tonight. :) That was fun! We actually had a cool way to tell them all planned out, but a different opportunity came up, and we couldn't resist. Jeff, the leader, was going over some dates coming up, to make sure we would all be at those meetings. We were agreeing that we would be there, and then Ryan said, "Well, we won't be there for a Sunday in August - the 10th - because that's Daisy's due date." It was really cute and a lot of fun. I think we have told everyone by now - except I have to tell my supervisor at my practicum, which starts back this week. I'll have to tell her right away since I'm still dealing with the HG and trying to find meds that work, but I'm looking forward to telling her. It's just such an exciting time, even if I do feel like poop.

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