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Monday, January 21, 2008

Starting to SHOW!

Wow - this baby has apparently grown a lot over the past couple weeks - or at least I have! I actually haven't gained much weight. I dropped back to my prepregnancy weight (due to the morning sickness ordeal we've been going through), and I think over the last week, I might have gained one or two pounds. But my belly is growing nonetheless! :)

We have also begun to baby shop! We have snagged some great deals on clothes for baby for this time next year. We got some especially adorable things from baby Gap - for very, very cheap, too! Of course, we're limited on what we can buy, not yet knowing the sex of little Baby Adkins, but we got what cute gender neutral items we could find. It's been a lot of fun!

Belly Shots! :)
11 weeks - Sunday, Jan 20th, 2008

Look at that little bump!

I am really loving having this belly and watching it grow!

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