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Monday, July 7, 2008

Aiden's Official "DUE" Date

Officially, Aiden's due date is August 10th, but since Camden was sooo big (11lbs), the drs are going to do a c-section the week before. That size is too big to risk delivering naturally after I've already had a c-section.

So....we were recently told we would need to do the section between Aug 3-5, and we had kind of settled on the 4th. But then...Ryan's work interfered. They have a great paternity leave - he first has to take 3 weeks vacation (which is no problem b/c he gets plenty vacation time from Duke to begin with), and he is then given another 3 weeks paid paternity leave - giving him 6 weeks at home with our new baby (paid)!

BUT they just told him that the "qualifying event" (Aiden being born) must occur on or after he has been with Duke for 12 months. That 12 month mark - August 6th. Are we cutting it close or what?? So the drs say it should be fine to move the section back to the 6th. It's annoying that they can't be a little flexible with one or two days (or even allowing him to take extra vacation time to make up for it), but we are also grateful that the timing is as close as it is and that we *should* be able to make it.

Now we just have to hope and pray that I don't go into labor early... That would not be good! It would be great to have that 3 weeks paid time off! I was induced with Camden on his due date, not going into labor on my own before that, so I'm not too worried. But you never know!!

We still have yet to meet the dr that is on the schedule the 6th, so that is our next move - to meet with her as much as possible between now and then. If we don't like her, a dr we do know and like is on the schedule on the 7th. But this lady has much more experience and we've heard good things about her, so let's keep our fingers crossed. (She's actually booked with appts until the end of August, but I refuse to have a dr I don't know deliver my baby if I have anything to say about it - and I will have things to say about it.)

So - that's that. As of now, Aiden will be joining us on August the 6th at Duke Hospital. And I plan on TRYING to keep July as stress-free as possible and doing as little as possible so that I *hopefully* do not go into labor early!

UPDATE - we have scheduled the rest of our dr appts since we will be meeting weekly from now on. And they managed to get us two appts with the dr that will be doing the c-section. :) I told Ryan ahead of time that I required meeting with her at least twice if she was going to be doing major surgery on me (I think that is quite reasonable of me to expect, too!), and he made that happen. We've heard she's a great dr, and she is one of the main ones at the practice, so we feel pretty good about her - and are looking forward to getting to meet her now.

Please keep us in your prayers that Aiden will stay put until the 6th! Some people have commented that I look like I have dropped some already - and looking at my weekly pictures and basing things on what I (and HE) feels like, I think I have some. I continue to get BH contractions, though they are a little stronger than what they were before (I've been getting them since week 13, though, so that doesn't really say much for now...). The little guy is definitely getting bigger. He's running out of room but still tries to move as much, so I'm constantly yelling "Ouch!" and trying to push him back in a bit so he doesn't hurt as much. And I'm starting to outgrow many of my maternity clothes (yikes! and I still have over 4 more weeks to grow!!!). But hopefully he will STAY IN THERE! :) I know I can't help it if he comes earlier, but I would hate for Ryan to miss out on those 3 extra weeks at home with his new baby!!!

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