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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!!

July 15th was my and Ryan's 2nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated the way we normally do (yes, I know it's only been two years, so it might sound silly to say "normally" but we did this the day after our wedding and for each anniversary since and plan on continuing...) - by having dinner at The Melting Pot.

Oh yummy. It was so good. I kept telling Aiden that he needed to move down to make room for all the food I was eating b/c I WAS going to eat it, regardless of how full I might have felt! Haha! There would be no stopping - especially once dessert came our way! It was a great night, and once again we sat in the special, intimate seating areas down "Lover's Lane" (yes, it's really called that), where we had curtains we could even close for privacy if we wanted, which we actually didn't use this year - it gets too hot in there if you do...(from the steam from the food, people!!! geez.... I can hear some of you making little comments about that already. You know who you are!).

Dinner at The Melting Pot in Durham

Yummy! Dessert!!!

And a couple wedding pics :)

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Samara said...

Have you joined the fondue club?

You get coupons around your birthday and anniversary for free chocolate or cheese.