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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Showered with (even more!) Baby Gifts!

This past weekend, we traveled out of town for the last time until the baby comes. I think Ryan's mom was a bit nervous having us so far away from home and me being 36 weeks, but it went well. The traveling wasn't too bad (the trip before was a few hours more driving, so this wasn't a big deal! Haha!), and we took it easy over the weekend. We went to Huntington for a baby shower where we got a lot of nice things. Someone even found some gDiapers for us! It was really cool. She said she heard we were having a "green" baby and gave us some of the gDiapers, some Seventh Generation wipes, and packed them in a reusable back from Whole Foods. I thought it was really cool. (And yes, we are having a "green" baby! And we do use the reusable grocery bags, too!) :)

We also got another homemade quilt, this one from Ryan's sister Rachel. I had no idea she could sew like this! It is beautiful!!! Here are a just a couple pics...

Rachel's quilt for Aiden

Me and Ryan with our moms :)

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