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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How do you make such BIG babies??

This was the first thing the nurse said to me today at the dr office.

We were in for our visit, with questions in hand (as always!), one of which was if they were going to try to estimate Aiden's size/weight. I know they can't know for sure and a guess is just that, but I am just so curious! I know he's not as big as Camden was when he was born b/c I am not showing that big. But I'm still big and am so curious as to how big Aiden will be. Since we had the cool lady and it was a really early appt (VERY early, so nobody else was hardly there), she said, let's go see! We did a quick ultrasound and got to peek in at our little guy! I was soooo excited!!!

Based on his measurements (head, spine, legs, etc), he is estimated to be 7.4 lbs right now, so she guesses he'll at least be 9lbs when he's born, considering I don't go into labor before the c-section is scheduled. So, yeah, he's not going to be as big as Camden was, but he still should be a big guy. The first thing she said when we saw him was that he IS big. "How do you make such big babies? And with you so small!!" I don't know, but apparently I do!

The ultrasound pics weren't that good and clear this time around. We weren't in for a long one, and he's bigger now, too. Plus, the good machines are at the hospital (where they do the routine ultrasounds). But here is one we got from today that shows his face. The white on the right side is his hair - looks like a crew cut (kind of like dad's hair, huh? haha!). You can see his eye with a little white line under it - that's his eye lashes. So cool that we can see even that. She tried to get a 3 or 4 D pic of his face, but he kept putting his arm over it, making it pretty much impossible. His head was so low down and turned to the back, so it was hard to get a face pic at all to begin with.

Aiden's face at 35 weeks

She also measured my belly, and this time around I do not measure on target - I measure two weeks over (37). I have definitely noticed a difference in the belly lately, especially since I seem to be outgrowing my maternity tops! (Yikes!) And when Aiden moves around now, it can REALLY hurt! Not that I'm complaining. I'll take the bad with the good. :)

We also double checked...and Aiden IS still a BOY. Nice to know. :) Oh, and I really do think he has Ryan's lips.

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patsy_dee said...

Oh wow...it seems like Joaquin was about 6lbs, estimated, around 35-36 weeks!