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Friday, February 22, 2008

Candy Girl

I am definitely craving sugar with this baby. It's crazy!! I am typically not the type to raid the candy aisle - we never even go down that way! When Camden gets candy for Halloween, Valentine's, Easter, etc, we all eat a little bit here and there and then tend to forget about it and end up throwing the majority of it away after a while.

But things are a-changing! Yesterday I actually did a tiny bit of the grocery shopping since I was heading to Target anyway. (Ryan's been doing all of this so I can avoid all the smells and stay off of my feet per doctor's orders.) But I had - I mean HAD - to get some candy! One whole side of the aisle was dedicated to chocolate and jelly beans, neither of which I was interested in (and I am typically very interested in chocolate!). I was focused on the dum-dums, jolly ranchers, blow pops, and basically any type of hard sugary candy. I was amazed to discover that the only bag of dum-dums was a 300-count bag! I do NOT need that many suckers in my house! I would eat them all.

So I opted for the blow pops and jolly ranchers. And then Ryan shows up later in the evening with even more candy for me. I don't really need it, but I will either end up giving into my cravings and eating it all or I will not be so tempted now that I have it (which is actually very likely to happen). We shall see. Hopefully this craving will go away once the baby arrives because I certainly do not need to keep up this habit!

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Matt & Kristy said...

I feel your pain!!! All I wanted while I was pregnant was sweets!!!