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Friday, February 29, 2008

Week 16 - A BIG week in many ways!

As of Sunday, I was officially 16 weeks pregnant. Lots of changes occurred during this week! First, we felt some movement! As Ryan mentioned in his recent blog, we started feeling some on Sunday. I felt a few pokes here and there and finally felt like it was enough to actually say it out loud. Of course, Ryan jumped up and came over to feel - and the movement stopped. (Of course!) But then that evening when we were lying in bed, he actually got to feel it. So cool!

All week long, here and there I have been able to feel little jabs and pokes. It is really so neat. Of course, there aren't many and they aren't very strong yet, but I know that will pick up quickly! :) Then I will be feeling this baby 24/7 (whether I want to or not!)

Another change - woke up Monday morning feeling about twice the size as I went to bed the night before. Ryan has even commented a couple times this week that my belly is soooo much bigger. (I did not take this to mean I was fat, trust me. I knew what he meant!) Everything seems to take much more work this week. Moving seems a little bit more challenging than even on Sunday. And I get a little out of breath easier, too. And bathroom stops are becoming a little more frequent.

BUT, just as my mother (who is great at keeping me grounded) said - I will have many more weeks like this! Haha! I know that there is much (MUCH!) more to come. I am, let's keep in mind, only 16 weeks along. I have 5 more months to GROW!

We also had another dr appt this week. We have been debating the whole c-section versus VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and I've been researching the pros and cons and thinking about what I really should do, etc, etc. I know the good and bad with either and am worried about a possible uterine rupture if we decide to labor (a rupture where the previous incision is) - that could cause serious problems. The other dr we have been meeting with said it was fine to go along with the c-section, but I've still felt a little unsettled either way. This dr wondered why we were considering either, and after hearing that the baby was large, said, yeah, usually the next ones will follow suit. But then after hearing HOW large Camden was (just shy of 11 lbs), she said they would definitely not even consider a VBAC b/c that would be too large. (I must agree - if the baby were that big - b/c Camden definitely would NOT fit through. Tried pushing for 2 1/2 hours - there was NO way.) So I feel much more settled with our decision to proceed with a c-section. We figured we would do this anyway, but now I'm not feeling like it's just a snap decision but it's one that is recommended for sound reasons.

OH - and we get to find out the baby's sex in just two weeks!!! Yay! I cannot wait for that ultrasound. Apparently it will last about an hour, so we'll get to see lots of our little baby. That's the best part!

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