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Monday, February 18, 2008

Doesn't quite make sense

I've mentioned before my aversion to spaghetti sauce. Typically a favorite in our household, as we have something with spaghetti sauce just about every week. I cannot stand the stuff these days! So...I am quite surprised when I discover I can certainly put away the chili but can't eat spaghetti. I know the two are different, but I tend to think of them as being in the same "class" of foods. I'm a bit surprised and not quite sure why I can't stomach spaghetti but can eat and eat chili... Doesn't make sense, but we are pleased to discover one more food I can eat (and that we can make a big pot of!).

Laundry update - Camden managed to wash and dry an entire load on his own yesterday. He did forget about the load he washed and left overnight (and will discover the annoyance of having to rewash those! I know he doesn't have to, but I would rather him learn to deal with the laundry right away then think it's ok to keep leaving it overnight... So maybe I'm bending things a little here, but hopefully he's learning a good lesson!). ;) He is not all too happy with this work he has to do, so hopefully he will soon come around. More on that later!


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Hey, Daisy, unless Camden leaves the load in the washer another night or two, it will be ok. Trust me on this. :) Connie

Daisy & Ryan Adkins said...

I know :) but I would rather him learn not to leave it in the washer too long. He left the last load in the dryer for multiple days, so we had no idea how long these clothes would stay in the washer. (And don't want him to get in the habit of thinking - oh, I can just get them later...) ;)