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Friday, February 8, 2008

What Will IT Be???

So we don't really buy into all those wives tales that claim they can determine the sex of the baby, but we still think it's fun to think about. So, we're trying to come up with a list of wives tales and see what everyone guesses Baby A will be! I'll continue to update the list as we find new ones we haven't heard of. Feel free to comment and let us know others you know so we can add them! We'll add an asterisk to the ones I am experiencing. And some you'll have to guess on your own - such as I'm not really sure if I'm carrying low or high yet b/c I'm not showing much. But we'll post pictures, and you can decide!

Be sure to vote, too! You can vote on the side of the blog - above our picture. Voting closes the day of the ultrasound!

Carry Low
*Gain weight more in just the belly area (but I'm not gaining much yet, so hard to tell)
Crave salty foods
Lower heartrate (baby) - less than 140
*Dad not gaining extra weight
Craving protein
Mother's age of conception and the year of conception are mixed between odd and even
Dream of girls
Less morning sickness (I don't buy this b/c I had 5 months worth with Camden!)

Carry High
*Have more break-outs/acne
*Crave sweets (I want waffles all the time!)
Gain weight more over your body
*Higher heartrate (baby) - higher than 140 (Baby A is between 170 and 165)
Dad gaining extra weight
*Chinese birth calendar
*Crave fruit (definitely me - I need strawberries every day!)
*Refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread (and do not want the crust either!!! yuck! and i pretty much don't like bread much period - unless it's in the form of a waffle...)
*Mother's age of conception and the year of conception are both odd or even (27 years in 2007)
*Last born child of woman's mother will follow in the same pattern as the mother (my mom had a boy then a girl, I had a boy first)
*Dream of boys
*More morning sickness (see above for why I don't buy this one - but I am having it worse this time than with Camden, I think - it was terrible with both, and we still have to see how long it lasts this time around)

One other comment on this - not that it determines what we'll be having - but out of everyone that we know that has had a baby in the past year or is pregnant and knows the sex - almost all are boys! At least 11, while we only know of 2 that have had girls! all of our close friends have had boys. Wonder what is in store for us...

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Ravin said...

Hey! I have heard the opposite on morning sickness. I think I told you this though. But in my family my grandmother swears that she had no morning sickness with girls (as had all of my cousins who had girls), but did have it with the boys (as did my cousins who had boys, as well). Of course that goes back to it being wives tales...people get them flipped. I've also heard that with boys you carry low and with girls you gain in the belly only (boys make you get wide hips).