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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Know how your pee smells funny after you eat asparagus? Well, when you feed asparagus to a baby....it smells even worse. Aiden recently had asparagus - and loved it! :) And by the next diaper, you could tell. And when Ryan brought him to bed after he woke up to nurse that night, I thought Aiden had a dirty diaper - which is odd for him at night. But no...it was just the asparagus.

Just a warning in case you decide to feed it to your baby. :) I'm not even sure if there is a jarred baby food asparagus...but this is your warning if you make it. I expected it to be different but not quite what it was. It really smells more like a dirty diaper than anything else....


Edited to add: Aiden's dirty diapers are not all that strong smelling - so this might not be so bad for some. It's not necessarily a knock-you-in-the-face kind of smell.


Becky said...

Asparagus huh?!? Not something I can stomach so I never even considered prepping it for Colin. Is there anything Aiden won't eat? Colin has very extreme negative reactions to food. Last night he gaged on cottage cheese and vomited his meal. Only my child!

Daisy and Ryan said...

Mmmmm...we love asparagus. Ryan thought he didn't - until I made it for him. ;) We eat it all the time now - but I cook it in olive oil with some kosher salt. Yummy.

Let's see - Aiden's not a big fan of pumpkin or rice cereal.

I gave Camden jarred baby food. When he started eating REAL food, he became SOOOO picky! He's better now, but it's been real work. (I'm now blaming the jarred food.....) He would constantly gag himself when I gave him foods he didn't like. So, I feel I deserve the good-eater Aiden is. ;) He does seem to like just about everything so far!

Of course, Camden was an excellent sleeper, and Aiden not-so-much. I guess it balances out with some things. Ha. (Maybe your next one will be a great eater AND sleeper!) ;)

Amy said...

I wonder if there is a correlation? Micah eats constantly and doesn't believe in sleep.