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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poopy Diapers and Breast Pads

Aiden and I have been working on a nap for just over an hour now... Well, I've been working on getting him down for a nap. He's been working against it, I guess. Yesterday was a decent nap day, so I guess he thought he needed to mix it up again today.

But there's another problem... Aiden has this tendency to fill his diaper right at those moments when he's been fighting sleep and is finally giving in. He's not the kind of baby that cries or fusses when he has a poopy diaper. Not at all. He doesn't do anything to tell you, and they aren't really all that stinky (every now and then - but not for the most part). So you really have to stay on top of things with his diapers. BUT he will not go to sleep with a poopy diaper. So, if he's having a hard time, I pretty much have to check rather often. And it usually happens right when he's decided he will consider that nap after all.

So...after an hour of fussing and us working on this nap thing - there we are...on the changing table, cleaning up a rather poopy diaper. What does that mean, folks? It means we get to start ALL OVER with the nap process.

Right now he's at least calm. He has one of his favorite things to play with - one of mommy's cloth breast pads. I've discovered that if I can get him to lie down calmly and I give him one of those, he might just go to sleep. It's funny to watch him holding it close to his face, clutching it in his hand... And I'm pretty sure that one day, he'll appreciate that I shared this with the blogging world.

Ok - quiet time is over, I suppose. Back to fussing. Gotta go...........................

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Amy said...

When he's 8 that is going to MORTIFY him.