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Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Know What REALLY Irks Me??

Well, it more than irks me. I just kind of like that word.

But what really gets to me is when people make an assumption of what kind of person you are based solely on the fact that you are a Christian.

They hear that word...and suddenly they think they know all about you - your beliefs on all sorts of topics, your values, so many things.

In case you're wondering, this isn't in reference to anything that has been said on this blog - or even to me as an individual (recently, at least). It actually was thrown back in my face after reading something that someone I don't even know commented on something a friend posted on facebook. Christians this and Christians that... As if every single Christian feels/thinks/believes the exact same way on every other issue there is in this world. It's a very unfair and wrong assumption.

And I'm not sure who I am more angry towards - the many Christians that do/state things that lead to these types of assumptions or the people that just blindly believe them (which sometimes are other Christians).

But please people - just because someone states that they are a Christian - don't make assumptions and lump them in with some stereotype - and then judge them based only on that. Nobody likes to be stereotyped. Do YOU?


Samara said...

I understand what you are saying. However, groups of people do things that perpetuates those stereotypes.

Let me give you an example based on my experiences. I worked as a server for all 4.5 years of undergrad. I hated working on Sundays because the church going people had a tendency to be demanding, with kids (who get in to stuff or get 2 entire packs of crackers ground in to the ground even if they were in a high chair) and they would only tip 8-10%. This happened week after week. Even if some nicely dressed family, with well behaved kids came in and offered up a good tip, it didn't make up for the other 10 families that didn't.

When I was serving, I didn't do less of a job on Sundays (although I know some people that gave less than normal service on sunday) than I did the night before. However, people will tip less on Sunday than they do on Saturday night.

So you tell me. Why should you be given credit? Because I don't know you? Because you are better than others? It's not you. It's the others, but if you give yourself a label, you are going to get stereotyped. It's sucks and it's not fair, but it's true.
(Just so you know, this is not a personal attack, I just thought you should see why people can be stereotyped)

Daisy and Ryan said...

oh no - i totally know what you're saying! that's why i said that i don't know who i'm most angry towards - people that believe the stereotypes or people that encourage it. it's so frustrating! and i've heard this example many times. i think it's sad. and it's not that i think i personally should be given any credit really - but it just really gets to me that when the word comes up, people think they know all about someone based on that. and it's not just the people making the assumptions but those making the assumptions easy to believe. not that i'm perfect - no way! but i don't like it when people assume that i'm closed-minded or some other things based on the fact that I am a Christian. And it's not just the Christian label - there are so many, but this is one example that I deal with a lot.

(This had to do with Meggan's note posted not long ago - you probably saw that, right? It was hilarious! And some people were right in there with throwing negative comments about "Christians" - and it bothers me b/c I don't like for people to see me as buying into that "side" of the issue simply b/c I'm a Christian - though I know that's how most will view me b/c of it.)

Daisy and Ryan said...

basically - it's just the whole idea of it all that irks me. stereotyping and prejudice in general - really don't like them. really.

Amy said...

I get what you mean! I think I'm more angry towards Christians who behave in such a way that the stereotype can be perpetuated. However, I also know that even if everyone behaved perfectly all the time, it's very human nature to misinterpret it.

It helps me remember to not stereotype others, because they might not fit the image I have of that "type" of person.

How's that for a "social work" conclusion? :)