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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Big Secret Revealed!

You might have noticed me refer to some "secret" lately...well, we can finally share our news with the world. We just bought a house! Our first house. :) We've been tossing the idea around for a couple years now, going back and forth, but some things have come up lately that made us want to take the plunge. It's a great time, and we'll be in the area for a few more years, so it makes sense.

We had a rather stressful experience getting our house.... We put an offer on one place and the seller countered but not in the way we wanted. We were happy, though, because while waiting...another house went on the market. A really nice house. In a great area. And for a lower price. So, we went to see it.

While there, we found out someone else was putting in an offer. The seller agreed to wait and hear ours, too. We offered the best we could. The seller asked the others to come back with their best offer - so apparently it wasn't as good as our offer. And after waiting and waiting...apparently it still wasn't as good because WE GOT IT! We've been waiting and waiting again...for the loan to officially be approved. It took longer than we expected, and while we weren't worried, we're relieved to finally have the official word that we are buying this house! We've been keeping this from the rest of the world (except for family and a few friends) until we knew for sure that everything was working out. It's been hard not to spill the beans! (And we have to a few people...just not on public sites like this.)

We're very excited, and so is Camden. He will need to switch schools - but there is a new school RIGHT next to us (literally - we just walk to the next street over, cross that street, and then there you are...never even have to leave the neighborhood, really). And it's a year-round school, which we are thrilled about. (Yes, really.) Another plus - this is a really growing area. We'll be in Holly Springs instead of Cary (but who can afford to get a house in Cary?? Especially with a YARD?!). Cary is so expensive since it has seen - and is still seeing - so much growth...but next in line are Apex and Holly Springs, both getting lots of attention for being great "small towns" to live in and have a family. All the growth that is coming to those areas are great for us. There is a new grocery and hospital branch being built right down the street (within a mile), and lots of other things popping up. Also, a new high school is next to the elementary, and a middle school is being built at this time. This is all so great for us for when we sell it in a few years (so all of you guys who are thinking we'll never be moving back home....don't bet on that!). ;)

Here are some pictures from our first walk-through. Keep in mind, the furniture, etc, all belong to the current owner. We'll update with new pics once we are in and start making our changes!

OUR House



Leigh Ann said...

hooray! congrats - that's very exciting!!!

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Many congratulations - and what a cute house!