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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boot Camp Day #3

Today was Day 3 of Naptime Boot Camp (click on the link if you're just stopping by and have no idea what this is all about). I'm sure you saw how wonderful (cough!) our night last night was. The naps are actually going much better, I'm pleased to say.

Day 2, Nap 1

Took only 30 minutes to get him down for a nap, and he wasn't fussy about it, either. (I say "only," yes, but that is more than two hours like one of the naps from Day 1, now isn't it?)
He slept...for an hour and five minutes before waking! Yeah, that's right.
Took me just 15 minutes to get him back to sleep. 15 minutes! Remember how it took me TWO hours on Day 1?? I'd say this is improvement.
Then he slept for another hour and ten minutes!

Nap #1 total = 2 hours, 15 minutes

Day 2, Nap 2

Took 25 minutes to get down. I think it could have been better, but I felt rushed because Camden had soccer practice coming up soon (so much for clearing the schedule - when I started out for the week, I almost forgot about soccer practice!).
After 40 minutes of sleeping soundly, we had to wake Aiden up to go.... He was clearly not ready for it. :(

Day 3, Nap 1
After laying Aiden down, I remembered the plan to remove the bumper from the crib, so I did this, and he thought it was such fun. I realized he would really enjoy talking to me if I stayed in the room, so I left it - and he was just happy as could be. He fell asleep within 15 minutes.
And slept for an hour and 15 minutes before waking.
It took me 15 minutes to get him back to sleep.
He slept for another hour and ten minutes.

Nap #1 total = 2 hours, 35 minutes

Day 3, Nap 2

This one was a harder sell. The bumper-less crib wasn't so novel this time around, and Aiden just wasn't into going to sleep with it like that. It took an hour and 15 minutes to get him to sleep. But he fell asleep in the bed, not in my arms. (Same as the day before - fell asleep in the bed each time. Another improvement.)
He slept for just under an hour. I didn't attempt to get him back to sleep as it was too close to bedtime for that. (He did wake once during the nap and put himself back to sleep....)

So....verdict is......we're getting there! There is certainly improvement. He's doing better at going to sleep and is staying asleep much longer - naps from today and yesterday are at least twice the lenght than the typical naps prior to this week. I'm pleased with how it is going. Very pleased. We're not at our goal, but we are progressing very well. I won't complain.

And hopefully telling all of this will not reverse any of it. That tends to happen sometimes... Just like now... Aiden is not happily letting Ryan put him to bed like he did last night. I might have to intervene in a second. Ok, I'm going to do it now.

We'll see how tomorrow goes!


I'm back...just got Aiden to sleep. He was being a mama's boy. Nothing wrong with that, right? ;) He was actually being really cute. Well, first he grabbed my lips, and when I said no, he laughed. (He has a new habit of grabbing your lips or nose...REALLY grabbing.) That wasn't the cute part. The cute part was he kept asking for kisses. He was opening his mouth and saying "ahh" - and I would kiss him, and he would laugh. And he did it over and over. I think he might have been a little delirious after such little sleep last night... He kept doing it while obviously falling asleep. It was funny. And cute. He can be so much fun, even when he's not supposed to be having fun. :)

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Leigh Ann said...

yay! way to go daisy!! it is SO nice when you start seeing the fruits of all that hard work. :)