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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

Haven't been on here in a few days due to quite a busy schedule and visitors. Let's see if I can quickly give an update on our happenings...

Saturday - My birthday (yay - big 29...thanks to dad for welcoming me to the "last year in my twenties"). We didn't do a whole lot b/c we just had other things going on. And with Ryan's birthday being next Saturday, we wait and do something together. And with his mom coming to visit on Sunday, we knew she would want to go out to celebrate with us, as well. But Ryan did get me breakfast from my favorite coffee shop across the street. He then spent the rest of the day finishing up other people's taxes. But he did do all the diaper changes. ;) I felt like I was on the phone the entire day - more than I have been in the past few months combined! Thanks for everyone that called to wish me a happy birthday! :)

Sunday - EASTER! :) Aiden got a "What is Easter?" book - a really cute book that talks about the bunny and egg hunts but explains that while all that is fun, it's really all about Jesus. :) We try to keep it on the real reason. Camden got some seeds and small pots that are really cute (and are "green toys" on top of that). He really liked it (in case you were wondering).

Ryan's mom, David, and CAMDEN arrived! I was making a cake for Ryan when they walked in the door. Funny thing - I made one of his favorites (carrot cake) and Sharon brought his other (red velvet), so he pretty much was a lucky fellow in regards to having his cake and eating it, too (even though it was much closer to my birthday than his....). ;) Though I didn't quite get one part right on the cake, it still turned out great, and I'll definitely make it again. It's Paula Deen's recipe. The part I didn't get quite right... She uses jarred baby food carrots and calls for 2 jars. Well, I don't use jarred food b/c I make my own, so I was guessing on the amount. I didn't get quite enough, but it was still really good. Just would have had more carrot flavor. Also, for the icing, she calls for 1/2 cup and in parentheses says (1/2 stick)...well, 1/2 stick is 1/4 cup, so.... I used half and it tasted fine. My friend used a whole stick and had good results, too. Do what suits you. Here's the recipe if you want to try it out. Also, Ryan thinks he would like a buttercream icing better than the cream cheese one that I made for this one. We'll see. (The icing job wasn't the best - didn't wait for the cake to cool all the way b/c we were in a hurry!)

Monday - I had a fun time at the dentist. Not so much. More about that next post. Camden had a cleaning. MaMaw Sharon watched Aiden (I don't think she liked that part at ALL, do you?) ;) Then she took us to get Aiden his first pair of shoes. She has been waiting since the day that child was born to buy him shoes, and we finally gave the go-ahead. It's recommended to wait until they are walking to get shoes (they don't need them beforehand) and then to get soft-soled ones b/c the other types can interfere with the development of their feet and walking. Aiden walked away (well, was carried away) with a cute pair of sandals for the summer and some white shoes for when it's cooler. Both are a bit big for now, but he's not even crawling yet, so.... (I'll have to get copies of the pics of the shoe shopping from MaMaw Sharon - I'll post them soon!)

Then we shopped some more. Met Ryan for dinner at P.F. Chang's. Then I took the boys home for bed while Ryan spent a bit more time with Sharon and David. Aiden was spent from being out ALL DAY. He's not used to it and didn't have much down time or time playing on the floor, and it was getting late. Plus, Camden had school the next day. We had fun hanging out, though. :)

PS - I wasn't all that impressed with P.F. Chang's after I thought about it. The sweet & sour chicken - better at Red Bowl. We loved the chicken lettuce wraps - but Red Bowl has those, too. So.... And Aiden really did NOT like the place. It was dark, and he was not happy there. (But then again, he had been out all day. And he woke up after we got there, so he woke up not knowing at all where he was....)

Tuesday - part of that is a secret that will be shared more soon. Then Sharon and David left for Huntington. And Ryan went to work. It was me and the boy back at home. He took one good nap - moved himself so he was pressed against the bedding and slept for an hour (that's a LOT for him!). The other nap would have been longer but Daddy was talking really loudly and woke him up. Neither Aiden nor Mommy really liked that.

He has fallen asleep with his head close to the bumper ever since. I think he likes to be up against something when falling asleep. I'm his preferred something, but apparently this is a decent second choice. (And yes, I checked frequently to make sure he had plenty of space to breathe - and he hasn't been getting this close since - partly b/c I won't let him.)

When Camden got home from school - he realized he forgot his homework folder at school. His class is in a trailor, so we had to wait a while in the office for a key. Then we got caught in a downpour on the way back to the car. We were running, and I'm holding Aiden - bouncing him while I run. I thought he might get upset, but he thought it was hilarious! He loves being in the shower, so he probably thought this was a big, fun shower. :) He just thought it was great, as you can see in the pic - same grin he had while running through the rain! He's still a little wet in the pic, too.

Today - Got Aiden down for nap #1...not 5 minutes later the school calls. Camden always gets hurt at inconvenient times... He hurt his thumb playing football, thought he dislocated it. We get to the doctor office (which is 20 minutes away) - calling on the way...once they opened b/c it was lunchtime when I had to go get Camden. Had to keep calling b/c they weren't yet accepting appointments for overbooking and they don't want walk-ins (what? give me a break - ummm..my kid's in pain here). Finally get an "appointment" when we're two minutes away. Wait the half-hour till the appointment. Then another half-hour. Xrays show no fractures. So he has a sprain and possibly some torn ligaments. I think we'll stop by Babies R Us on the way home b/c it's practically next door - to see if they have the car seat we will soon get Aiden and the stroller I want to get him (a reversible stroller so I can see him - more on that soon). And they do have the stroller. It's on sale. So we get it. Ended the day on a good note, at least!

Whew. Ok - that wasn't too short. But you know pretty much all we did the last few days. Probably more than you care, right? ;)


Amy said...

OUCH! Wow y'all have been busy! I'm tired now. :)

PS - I have some IsaBooties for Micah for later - but I have to wait to put him in the until he's bigger? They are so cute.

Daisy and Ryan said...

no - you don't have to wait. it's just recommended that they go barefoot most of the time, from what i've seen. when they walk and crawl, it's good to be barefoot, too, or have shoes with really soft soles. we got some pedipeds. i just didn't want anyone spending a bunch of money on shoes that he wouldn't be wearing - or would only wear a couple times to show off the cuteness. ;)