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Friday, May 8, 2009

Breastfeeding Article

I think it's worth a read. Not long but full of some interesting information in terms of health benefits for moms that breastfeed - and risks for those that do not. Based on some good stats and 139,681 women in the study - some nice numbers. (I love when things are backed up with good stats. I think I've mentioned before how I can get excited over good stats - not just stats in general - and research-based info. That happens when their importance has been embedded into your brain. Other Berea psych majors feel me, right? Or is it just me?)

I see it as an extra incentive to breastfeed and one more reason to be happy that I can and do breastfeed (and will do for quite a while longer with Aiden...and with our future children).

Here's the article.

Let me know what you think!!


badbin said...

Excellent article -- thanks for sharing! I am passing it on to a friend who will be returning to work soon, when her baby is three months... trying to encourage her to keep up the breastfeeding.

Amy said...

I think it's fascinating that breastfeeding impacts a mom's health so many years after the event. At first I thought they were going to say women who breastfed were thinner, but they said it had no effect on obesity.

They said they controlled for education and other factors. I'd be interested in a profile of the women though. If they are in their 60's now, they would have been breastfeeding (and extended breastfeeding) at a time when that just was not done in our society.

I am wondering if there is something to the personality of a woman who would have breastfed at that time that leads her to be less stressed now? Is it all strictly physical is what I'm asking, I guess.

Daisy and Ryan said...

I'm sure there are many factors - and plenty that they cannot control for within a study such as this. I would hope they did the best they could, but there are just so many different variables. And I think there is probably something with the personality and way of thinking with ladies that do breastfeed. I can't personally speak to the less stressed part b/c I'm not a low stress, relaxed person, not in the least! I think it's all very interesting, though. And encouraging. :)