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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Painting Day 1

Day 1 of painting the boys' bedrooms is finished. We got both rooms primed and are ready to put the color on the walls tomorrow! It's been a long day with a big trip to Lowe's (and lots of money spent - will do again tomorrow), lots of painting, and lots of time spent in the new house. We learned a few things....

The painting wasn't so bad at all, so far. We haven't started on the stripes we'll be putting in Aiden's room, but I've worked with tape and the chalk line before, so, although I know it will be work, I also know we'll be fine. :) Ryan and I work really well together - we usually do. We're a good team.

Aiden pretty much hates the pack & play when it comes to playing in it. He's never spent awake time in it, really, and he didn't think he should start today. He slept through most of the priming in the first room - and let us know he wasn't excited about being confined while we finished, even if Camden tried to play with him and entertain him. During the second room, we let him have free reign in the master bedroom, with the pack & play as a "gate" at the door. He did fine, but we learned something else...

Camden is not such a great baby sitter. Not-so-much. We might have to figure out a way to take turns tomorrow instead of both Ryan and I painting together. Might take longer, but...oh well.

While Ryan is a big perfectioninst with many things...painting is where my perfectionism comes in, apparently (and this was just with the PRIMER - we haven't even started on the stripes!). We're both perfectioninsts - and usually in different areas.

Aiden likes banana peppers (the sweet kind). Is there anything he doesn't like??

If you try to put Aiden in his car seat when he is tired, he will SCREAM his head off. The last few times we've went to put him in the car when he was tired this happened; it's more of a recent thing. It's not a lot of fun for anyone involved. I hate him crying.

Downtown Apex (the city we drive through to get from our new home in Holly Springs to our apartment in Cary) is a pretty happening place at 9:30 in the evening. That makes me smile.

Michael Buble helps calm Aiden down. I've noticed that he seems to like Buble's "Mrs. Jones" song. I hope this isn't any sort of sign for what's to come eventually. (If you have no idea why I say that, check this out to see why.) It's a good song, though, with very calming music, so I can see why he likes it. There are others on the cd that seem to help, too, which is nice.

More to come tomorrow....hopefully with pictures. We took some today, but it's very, very late, and I'm too tired to bother. Soon, though!

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