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Friday, May 15, 2009


We closed on the house today! The place is officially OURS.

The seller wasn't at the signing, and I had kind of hoped she would be. We wanted to meet this lady... As soon as we put in our offer, she stopped taking care of the yard. Her realtor had to twist her arm to get her to mow it sometime last week. It looked terrible! Over a month of no mowing...come on. She was still living there up until yesterday. And aside from it being rude to us, there are ordinances about not mowing your lawn in the subdivision. (I think the realtor had to use that angle to convince her to mow...)

Then she took all the window treatment hardware down to take with her - when it was in the paperwork that it would stay. And left all the holes for us to deal with. Nice. Her realtor didn't even know she took it and said to give an estimate for what new ones would cost, and we would get a gift certificate. Then the seller decided to just let us keep the old ones, but she's out of town for two weeks, so we have to wait...

Then just other little stuff here and there. Thanks, lady. We never played hardball or tried to get anything special when we put in our offer. So, I'm not sure what her deal is. We think maybe she's just not so considerate? Oh well.

Either way...the house is OURS now! We spent some time today cleaning the walls to prep for painting, getting sample jars of paint to test out in the place, and doing other little things like that. We won't move in completely until the beginning of June, so we have a few weekends to paint and clean and take some things over ahead of time. We have a busy month ahead of us!

While there today, I kept thinking that it didn't feel like OUR place quite yet, even though we were there vacuuming, cleaning, etc. It felt like we were doing all that stuff to someone else's place. I'm sure it won't take long, though. The novelty will wear off soon enough, too. Haha!

We only took a few pics today - not much going on quite yet. But we'll update the album as we make our changes and make the place our home.
Our House

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Amy said...

That is so exciting! I look forward to hearing about the updates!