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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

I am actually making time for this, even though I don't really have it tonight. :)

Friday Fill-Ins...Note from creator:
This week, I chose quotes having to do with spring...as always when I do this, feel free to fill-in whatever you'd like; it's more fun that way! Of course, if you know the quote, feel free to fill that in, too! The quotes will be on my blog, should anyone want to see what they are.

My answers are in bold.

1. If we had no winter, we would miss it. And spring wouldn't be all that exciting, either. I love each season, and by the time it is ending, I am ready for the next to arrive. The end of one always has me looking forward to the beginning of the next.

2. People's rudeness and tactlessness will always be a perpetual astonishment to me. There's just no need for it, and it typically doesn't get people what they want, does it (in the long run)? I sure hope not.

3. If I had my life to live over I wouldn't change too, too much. I've not had a perfect life so far, and there is a lot that I wish I hadn't had to go through. But everything has made me who I am today. I appreciate each season, no matter how difficult it has been. Some of the things I wish I could do away with the most - I really wouldn't because they resulted in some of the best things I now have, such as my first born son, my husband, my college education, my (still strengthening) faith, and much of my perspective...just to name a few.

4. I stay a busy, busy lady inside of four and twenty hours. I don't get nights or weekends off, like most of us parents. Aiden still wakes up all throughout the night, and lately some of those awakenings are more than brief.

5. If you've never been thrilled, you should seek it out a little harder. Challenge yourself, do something new that is out of your comfort zone. The thrill would be worth it, don't you think?

6. To be interested in the changing seasons is to be interested in LIFE. My life is constantly changing, just as the seasons are, just as everyone's life is. It's actually quite interesting when you stop to really pay attention.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to maybe packing up a little more and hopefully resting a few minutes at least, definitely with a big bowl of ice cream - maybe that will take this so-far-two-day-long pounding headache away (all that sugary goodness is sure to do it, right?), tomorrow my plans include a make-up swim class with Aiden that is way too early in the morning, then heading over to the new house (we closed today!!) to do some painting prep work, then on to Camden's soccer game (assuming there are no storms and Camden is feeling well enough - both are iffy), and then back home to do things like laundry and all those other typical chores and Sunday, I want to have a day of rest! Is that too much to hope for? Yes, of course... We will need to pack up more and plan out the next few weekends of painting and moving!

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