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Friday, May 15, 2009

Forgot to Mention...

Ryan unplugged our phone last weekend and forgot to plug it back up. (I've been enjoying the phone not waking Aiden up but didn't realize the phone was still unplugged until Camden said he tried to call from school one day.... Good thing it wasn't important that time!) So, if you've called and didn't reach us - SORRY!!

It might still be unplugged, come to think about it.

And actually, when we do move, we won't be using a land-line anymore. Just our cell phones. So, if you don't have my or Ryan's cell number - or both - comment or email and let us know. We'll send it to you! We still have our numbers from when we were in KY, so they're local for you folks. ;)

And if you want our new address (no, I'm not posting it on here publicly...), also leave a comment or email. We'll probably send a big email out soon with that info, but not sure when. So if you want it now, just ask. That way if you plan on mailing anything after today, you can use the new address instead of assuming the mail will be forwarded when that kicks in (b/c sometimes it doesn't get forwarded like it should.....).

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