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Monday, March 16, 2009

Aiden the Swimmer!

Today was our second Baby&Me swim class. Aiden still loves it. Even though he was suddenly plulnged under water this time around.

That's right. I said UNDER WATER!

Actually, I chickened out the first time. We sing "Ring Around the Roses" and last week, we "all blow bubbles" instead of "fall down" - and then the moms blew bubbles on the edge of the water. I hadn't expected that on week two we would be starting to take them under, but surprise, surprise. I wasn't prepared for it, so we still blew bubbles. But then during the free play time at the end, we went for it. It was a little strange because there was really no way to prepare Aiden for it. The instructor had said we could wait until we felt comfortable, and the mom next to me in our circle admitted to me that you don't really get to a point where you feel comfortable trying it - you just do it. (She was in the class a previous time.) I think she's right. I didn't feel comfortable until we actually tried it. It was kind of unnerving until we got through it that first time.

So, are you wondering how you take a baby underwater for the first time? Yeah, I was, too. You puff air in their face and then quickly set them under the water and then right back up. It happens very quickly. I mean, you're not keeping them under there or anything! Another reason I chickened out at first - I wanted to see him breathe in and hold his breath when I did the little puff BEFORE assuming it would work and plunging him under the water. Logically, I knew he would do it. That's how babies are. (Have you ever blown air into a baby's face? They breathe in quickly and hold their breath for a couple moments. And sometimes make a funny face while doing it.) BUT being Mommy about to put baby under the water for the very first time...I just had to double check.

We ended up going under a couple times. Well, I didn't. Aiden did. And he never fussed one single bit! It was really neat, actually. He blinked a bunch when he first came up, but that was it. It was almost like he was saying...oh, it's whatever. This is nuthin'......

Aiden also wanted to taste the water some more this week. Whenever I blew bubbles on the water surface, he would try to put his head to the water and...instead of blowing bubbles, he would open his mouth and stick out his tongue. He'll get it. I'm surprised he's not doing it already, actually, because he is always making the noise on his own. We're just adding the water! Lol! I'm sure within the next couple classes, he'll be blowing bubbles along with me. In our shower after class, he was enjoying sticking his mouth in the water and tasting it. I did it to show him it was ok with that water - and he thought it was hilarious! And then showed me he understood by doing it himself, too. :) He's so much fun - and it's so much fun watching him learn!

We'll see what happens next week!


Amy said...

Is there an age you need to wait to to do that? Micah is 4 months, and I tried this last week but he just swallowed a lot of water. I am not sure I did it correctly, though.

Daisy and Ryan said...

i'm not sure about that, to be honest... i think the class requires babies be 4 months before starting the class. when we do take them under, it's really quick. a puff and then right in and right back out. i chickened out at first b/c i wanted to see others do it, see him hold his breath before going under - and i just hadn't expected it... but i don't think the age is an issue or anything to be concerned about at all. you could always try calling one of the ladies with the program - see if they will try to explain it for you? i don't see why they wouldn't. :) it's with aquamoms.