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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why can't he be more reasonable??

Just because he's a baby...that doesn't excuse it, you know.

Aiden has this issue with us doing anything near his nose. Trying to use the nasal aspirator you get at the hospital is useless. He jerks his head every which way, flails his arms to keep you from getting near his face, and screams at you. (And for any of you that haven't had babies and are thinking "so what?" - babies are STRONG. If they don't want you going there, they can do a heck of a lot to prevent it!) And even if we can get that thing into his nose, he jerks so much that we're afraid it will hurt him. No joke. I mean, you're sticking that thing UP his nose. Add that to a bunch of flailing around and all - that could do some damage. We would rather not.

So we got this other thing to clean his nose. It actually works really well - the Nosefrida. You don't put anything IN the nose, actually. The only problem is, he hates things coming NEAR his nose. So, even though it works and there isn't the worry about hurting the inside of his nose when he moves around, it still isn't working all that well if we can't get it there....

I tried to reason with the kid today. I reminded him how well he can breathe after his nose is cleaned out. I mean, hello! - can't he remember that from all the other times we have done it?? Does he not notice the difference? And today was one of those times, like most, where the (practically-dried-by-this-point) snot is right there on the edge! I would barely have to do anything to get it out! But does he care about that? Noooooo.... Mr. Big Shot would rather assert his independence and remind me that I can't make him. There was no reasoning or considering the logic behind it all. None whatsoever! It's almost like he didn't even understand me!

*Rolling my eyes*


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Samara said...

With the sinus congestion that I have right now, I kinda want one of those nasal things. Some one suggested that I used a Neti Pot. It scares me.

If you get a chance, I have a new blog. It's about baking and cooking in Alaska.