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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Recap

So much has been happening with so little time to blog about it. Last week, Aiden turned 7 months! That will get its own post next (or soon, at least). Then the weekend rolled around, and my mother and step-father came into town from Kentucky to spend a few days (well, originally it was a couple days, and then they surprised us by staying one more! Yay!!) While they were here, we had perfect weather, so we took advantage and did lots of outdoorsy things.

They arrived in time to watch Camden's basketball game Friday night. I'm sure he was thrilled to have them there, even though his team lost. He played his best friend's team (and some old soccer and basketball teammates were on the other team, as well, along with his old soccer coach). Saturday, Mom and I transplanted some plants from Ryan's Granny's funeral. We were given a beautiful planter that had a lot of plants bunched in together, so we gave them all their own pots to let them grow more and beautify our home - not to mention help clean the air! We spent Saturday afternoon walking around at Bond Park in Cary and then grilling out at home.

Sunday, Mom and I took Aiden and visited Duke Gardens in Durham. That was so nice and relaxing - we spent more time than we maybe needed to and got back rather late, but oh well. We didn't feel the need to be rushed, so...we didn't rush ourselves. We also know that next time we go, we can take a picnic, blankets, and things to play b/c there are a bunch of open fields just for those purposes - a good way to make sure the kids all enjoy a day at the Gardens! When we got back home, we went straight into the kitchen to finish up dinner. Mom has been bringing a venison roast the last few times she's visited (you'd better be careful, Mom, or I'm going to start expecting one every time!!) b/c it's my favorite. So we had the works - venison, mashed potatoes, peas, gravy, rolls. All homemade, of course. It was soooooo yummy!

Here are pictures from the weekend with our visitors! (PS - We had to fork over some money to pay for extra storage b/c we upload so many pics, so please do check out our online albums! It wasn't much, and it was worth it - but only if people actually view them!) :)
Mammaw & Pappaw Visit - March 2009

Monday...Aiden had his first swimming class! I've been wanting to do a Baby&Me swim class and looked up all the ones in the area. After comparing prices, scheduling issues, # of classes, make-up policies, class length, open classes, what they taught, what mom got out of it, etc, etc...we ended up going with the AquaMoms class. It's a good mix b/c they do teach the babies to go under and all that good stuff (not right away, of course!), but it also incorporates mom getting a workout in, as well. Plus, after sharing the info, the moms from BabySteps class (and MyGym - the same ladies from all) are taking the class, too! How fun!! :)

We were doing MyGym for a while. That was ok - but Aiden didn't really seem to care one way or another, and we were doing things I could do at home. I think it would be better for a child that is a little older and more active. It was more for me to get out of the home. But swimming is something I really thought would be beneficial. Camden became scared of the water when he was pretty young (he fell face forward in the tub twice during one bath with his father when he was about a year and a half - and he never forgot it!!), and it took him a long time to get over it. At five, he was still taking showers with goggles. He finally became ok even in the pool (I figured this out after he was jumping off the diving board with a life-jacket...), took lessons, and LOVES to swm now. BUT I wanted it to be a bit easier with Aiden...get him used to being in the water earlier and not have to go through so much drama! So, to me, the price of the swim lessons is worth it.

Anyway, his first class was on Monday...and he LOVED it! We did different things in the water, moving the babies around, up and down (not under yet!). He would giggle and laugh! We (the moms and some babies that have been in the class before) would put our mouths on the edge of the water and blow bubbles..and Aiden even tried to do it. He was sticking out his tongue and ended up swallowing some water and coughing it up (even though I didn't put him down close to it - he put his head down into it trying to blow bubbles), but he still loved it! It was a lot of fun for both of us, so I think this will work out great. And when the class ends - it will be just about the time the pool opens up! Great timing (that wasn't entirely accidental...) No pictures of the pool, though. Ryan said he figured I wasn't likely to take any pics at the class. Ummmm...no. Not that I'm not likely. It's kind of impossible. We'll find a way to get some, though! I always do.

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